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Smart portable insulin injection kit design

Diabetes is one of the public problems that seriously affect health, and product design for people with diabetes can make us better help such groups and help society find better solutions. With this idea, my intelligent portable insulin injection kit design starts from the needs of the sick population, the shape is more full and feminine, more affinity; the needle is hidden in the needle, and the method introduced during injection reduces the user’s fear of the needle; the insulin injection and blood glucose detection function are combined into one, which is more convenient to use; the LED light board hidden under the silicone film feeds the information back to the user and enhances the human-computer interaction experience.

“Multi-variable” household appliances

This is a multifunctional one-handle household appliance. It consists of three parts: multi-handle, edge hair dryer module and edge iron module. It is portable and suitable for traveling. Yellow and pearl white make up its fresh color, which is simple and can attract more modern young people. Moreover, the modular design can greatly save space.

Avalanche signal

When an avalanche comes, we may not have time to send a danger signal to the outside world, because the avalanche may instantly cover the skiers. Therefore, it is very important for skiers to send rescue signals to the outside world in time. At critical moments, avalanche signal gloves can play an important role in sending rescue signals. If there is an avalanche while skiing, the skier can launch the signal flare in advance. 3 seconds after launching the signal flare, the helium cylinder will be filled with helium into the SOS rescue balloon, so that an SOS rescue balloon will float in the air, helping rescuers quickly find skier buried in snow . This also speeds up the rescue. Of course, if the skier is too late to launch the signal flare and has been buried by the avalanche, the skier can find the direction of the sky through drooling. Then point the avalanche signal glove at the sky to launch the signal flare. The pneumatic device will compress the air to eject the signal and fly to the air through the ice and snow layer. After 3 seconds, the SOS rescue balloon will also unfold and float in the air, which can be quickly noticed by rescuers.

Peacock Diffuser

As a design that combines the enjoyment and function, the peacock diffuser uses the parameterized geometric model to perform the peacock spreading its tail, and the wings are made from special papers with the water absorption and volatility. When we drop the perfumes or essential oils on the paper, and toggle wings, the aroma diffusion effects will be achieved. Besides, such papers may also be replaced.

From Locust to Nutrition

Locusts could reduce food production by 30 to 50 per cent, putting 19 million Africans at risk of severe food insecurity. We came up with a solution to turn locusts into food. The product traps locusts by releasing a chemical called 4VA, which attracts them to swarm. The airflow from the fan draws the captured locusts into the machine and quickly dries them out. The locusts are then ground into an edible insect protein powder to provide essential nutrients for people in food-poor parts of Africa.


Inspired by Lego building blocks, IRIS is a modular camera system optimized for media content creation. Equipped with the attachments needed by a modern creator, IRIS ensures a smooth filming experience by focusing on compact equipment storage, battery longevity and seamless equipment transitions.


With the accelerated pace of urban life, the pressure of modern people is also increasing. How to relieve these pressures has become a topic of increasing concern. Dance decompression product design is a visual decompression method that can use the unconscious behavior of “daze” in a comfortable auditory environment created by white noise to isolate external noise, and achieve sub-health conditions such as anxiety and insomnia through auditory and visual experience. To improve the quality of rest, and at the same time focus on restoring study and work efficiency, the white noise can be switched or adjusted by sliding the switch, and the top jumping column can simulate the dynamic movement of the scene corresponding to the white noise while playing.


In the process of using the electric screwdriver, it is found that the screws in use are easy to lose; there are many batch heads and it is not easy to store; the working angle is single and other problems. In response to these problems, we use magnets to absorb and store the screws in use, and combine the screwdriver and the bit to facilitate the storage of the bit and the replacement of the bit during use. The addition of lights facilitates the identification of the bit model in the dark environment. , determine the working angles in two directions, the detachable way can adjust the angle of the screwdriver according to the different usage scenarios, adding lighting is convenient for use in dark environments, and improves the user experience and work efficiency.

Green Touchology

“Green Touchology” is a set of all-material light-blind shared tactile teaching aids. Natural science is the first chapter of the third grade of primary school children’s exposure to nature and life technology, and scientific abstract concepts and proper nouns are easy for children to feel frustrated in learning. Therefore, the team builds on the existing syllabus and develops new teaching aids to help with scientific learning. Merck cells are the tactile sensing of all skin surfaces, and we have introduced the concept of ‘Activating Merck Cells’ to exert the highest value of tactile learning through the application of all materials.

Blue Triangle: African Latrine Aid Program

Diarrheal diseases, mainly the result of inadequate sanitation, are the third leading cause of death in Africa. Blue Triangle Program is designed to support hygiene education and the construction and maintenance of efficient, low-cost latrines. The product is firm and light, so that a single set is easily carried by one adult, enabling it to be transported to remote villages inaccessible for vehicles. Apart from the squatting pan, all other parts of the latrine can be built using local materials, like branches, grass mats and so on. The entire installation process is designed to heighten awareness of hygiene with the repeated usage of the ‘blue triangle’ element.

NOISIV – Toys for The Visually Impaired Children

Preschool visually impaired children rely more through interactions with their parents to perceive the world. Additionally, the use of parent-child toys is even more indispensable for the improvement of parent-child relationship. However, for general toys that are either bulky or ordinary characteristics are more difficult for visually impaired children to perceive. NOISIV allows visually impaired families to quickly learn Braille through a simple design the size of achild’s palm. The size is imported into the planning of the design scale, and combined with the design of the double-layered box. The sound caused by the collision is used to remind the user of the whereabouts of the building block. Furthermore, parents can keep track of their children’s learning progress through the mobile app.
Educational board games can not only improve parent-child interactions but also help cultivate the self-cognition ability of preschool visually impaired children.

Pocket Gym

Current home resistance fitness equipment is bulky, the weight adjustment process is cumbersome and single person training can be dangerous under exertion. The cost in terms of money, time and distance is high for an effective workout.
This is why we use electric motors to adjust the resistance instead of the traditional method of adjusting the resistance through weights. Whether you are indoors or outdoors, if there is a flat surface for you to play on, it will become your own gym.

Sunset Ocean Lamp

Our goal is to bring nature into the home, therefore allowing the user to feel relaxed and tranquil.
“Sunset Ocean” presents the scenery at sunset so that users can feel the tranquil and relaxing atmosphere of nature when the sunset slowly falls.
We irradiated the warm-yellow light on the waterfall patterned glass, and by changing the relationship between the two, the lamps respectively present the sparkling waves on the sea, the sky at sunset, and the scenery of the seaside at sunset.

Frozen Lake Rescue Railing

The middle part of this railing is removable. When someone needs rescue on the ice or water surface, you can open the cover on the railing and take out the middle part. When you take it out, the devices in the left and right railing posts can quickly fill the Yellow airbag around the railing with gas. There will be a rope connecting the inflatable railing in the left and right columns. When the rescue personnel are finished, you can press the button on the rope to quickly retract the rope and return to the shore.