Celebrating innovative products and projects expressly created for and within huaren (Chinese-speaking) communities.


Organizer: Industry Development Bureau, MOEA
Executive Organizer: Taiwan Design Center (TDC)


1. Entry Qualification

A. Products on sale, produced, or designed in or for any huaren (Chinese-speaking) community around the world. Products or projects should be entered by a brand or company registered in a Chinese-speaking community.
B. International brands, manufacturers, or design firms are eligible to enter a product or project into the competition if they have a brand, company, or commercial agent registered in a huaren (Chinese-speaking) community.


2. Award Categories

A. Product Design Category
• Articles for daily use, including (but not limited to): consumer goods, clothing and accessories, footwear, bags, cases and trunks, health  and medical equipment.
• Household equipment, including (but not limited to): furniture, bathroom equipment, construction materials.
• Electronic information products, including (but not limited to): 3C products.
• Metal mechanical and electrical products, including (but not limited to): machinery and equipment, vehicles, bicycles, household appliances.

B. Visual Communication Design Category
• Advertisements, including (but not limited to): Graphic advertising material, posters, advertising light boxes, fonts, mascot design.
• Publications, including (but not limited to): publicity brochures, books, magazines, calendars and cards, newspapers, instruction manuals.
• Branding Systems, including (but not limited to): logos, corporate identity systems, behavior recognition systems, environmental indicator systems.
• Digital Content, including (but not limited to): digital animation, digital games, digital learning products, digital publishing products, digital videos.
• Information technology services and products, including (but not limited to): App mobile application services, internet products, communications network technologies and applications, process design.

C. Packaging Design Category
• Industrial Packaging
• Product Packaging, including (but not limited to): 3C product packaging, consumer goods packaging, clothing and accessories packaging, footwear and bags packaging, cases and trunks packaging, health and medical equipment packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, household appliances packaging, food packaging, beauty products packaging, gifts packaging.

D. Spatial Design Category
• Including (but not limited to): homes, retail spaces, offices, public buildings, demonstration homes.


3. Selection Procedure

A. Preliminary Selection: products are selected for entry into the Secondary Selection by an expert regional jury based on registration information.
B. Secondary Selection: recipients of a Golden Pin Design Award “Design Mark” are selected and named, and products are selected for entry into Final Selection based on assessment of physical products/projects by an expert regional jury.
C. Final Selection: Golden Pin Design Award “Finalists” are named and “Best Design” recipients are selected based on assessment of physical products/projects by an expert international jury. Following the judging session, the list of Best Design recipients products/projects will be known only by the Jury Chair, a representative of the award organizer, and a legal official. Best Design recipients will be revealed for the first time in the relevant year’s Golden Pin Design Award Ceremony.


4. Key Dates & Deadlines

• Entry/Registration Deadline: June 30, 2017 (5.59PM Taipei GMT+8)
• Registration Fee Payment Deadline: July 3, 2017 (5.59PM Taipei GMT+8)
• Notification of Results of Preliminary Selection: early August 2017
• Delivery of Products for Secondary Selection: early September 2017
• Delivery of Products for Final Selection: late September 2017
• Award Ceremony: December 2017

Exact dates for stages following registration payment deadline to be announced closer to the time of execution. The award organizer reserves the right to make date changes at any time.


5. Registration Procedure

Please submit online registration before the registration deadline of June 30, 2017. Payment of the entry fee must be completed before July 3, 2017. Please provide proof of payment, including 1) name of the product or project; 2) name of company; 3) date of payment; 4) total amount paid; 5) the final five digits of your entrant account number. Email this proof of payment to the Golden Pin Design Award team at


6. Registration Fee

A. Registration fee: NT$1000 (US$35 or RMB250) per project entered
The full registration fee must be received by the organizer. Handling and additional charges for remitting NT dollars and US dollars must be borne by the applicant (100% T/T).


7. Payment Methods and Invoicing

A. Payment Methods
i. Credit card: Please use credit cards to pay the registration fee online. Accepted credit cards: VISA, MasterCard, JCB
ii. Cheque: Please use a crossed cheque payable to ‘Taiwan Design Center’. Please indicate that the cheque is ‘Non-negotiable’.
iii. Telegraphic Transfer (T/T): NT dollars and US dollars are the only accepted currency. Please provide proof of payment (specify name of company) and email to the Golden Pin Design Award team at

If paying in NT dollars:
Bank: Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd. (Chung Hsiao Branch) / Bank Code: 017
Account Name: Taiwan Design Center
Account No.: 00509024310

If paying in US dollars:
Bank: Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd. (Chung Hsiao Branch)
Bank Address: No.233,SEC.4,Chung HsiaoE.Road,Taipei,Taiwan
Account Name: Taiwan Design Center
Account No: 00553063600
Swift: Icbctwtp005

iv. If paying in RMB: Please make payment via

B. Invoicing
i. The Taiwan Design Center will issue a cash register triplicate uniform invoice, and will mail the invoice to the company or manufacturer applying to the competition.
ii. For those companies or manufacturers paying in US dollars, the Taiwan Design Center will issue an electronic invoice to the company or manufacturer applying to the competition.


8. Selection Criteria

Through an impartial and professional review process, the Golden Pin Design Award selects innovative products and projects originating from huaren (Chinese-speaking) communities, as well as international products and projects that take design for huaren (Chinese-speaking) communities into consideration.

A. Integration: Appropriately and completely meets the needs of the target market, community, or consumer group.
B. Innovation: Has original concepts, functions, or materials.
C. Function: Provides appropriate functions or operations that meet the needs of how the target market, community, or consumer group will use the product or project.
D. Aesthetics: Appropriately represents the distinguishing features of the product or project.
E. Communication: Expresses the cultural sensibilities of the target market, community, or consumer group (Visual Communication Design Category).


9. Important Notes

A. Where the entry fee is not received in full by the organizer, the organizer reserves the right to cancel the entry and/or any qualifications awarded the applicant.
B. If the registration process has been completed by the applicant, the organizer will not refund the registration fee.
C. Products and projects that did not pass the selection process in past editions of the award cannot be re-registered for entry in the competition unless said product or project has been modified or is a later generation product or project.
D. Registration materials will not be returned to the entrant.
E. Be sure to submit the relevant information and materials before the deadline set for each stage of the competition. During the selection process, it is not necessary to send person/s to explain their product or project on-site. Products and projects with incomplete submission of information or material by the set deadline are deemed to have withdrawn their registration.
F. The Taiwan Design Center reserves the right to use the product descriptions and product photographs or videos provided by the applicant when registering for the Golden Pin Design Award for promotional purposes.
G. Applicants participating in the Secondary and Final Selection procedures will be solely responsible for any costs incurred in the transportation of their entered product or project (including import and export duties, insurance, food inspection, etc.) and any related procedure documents.
H. If any winner or product is accused and verified of being in violation of the provisions of the operating procedures of the Golden Pin Design Award, plagiarizes other works, or provides misleading representation of facts, in addition to the Taiwan Design Center canceling eligibility for a Golden Pin Design Award, it will also recover any certificates and awards already conferred.
I. If any dispute arises in relation to the selection process or usage of a Design Mark, the entrant who was awarded a Design Mark and/or the right to use a Design Mark is responsible for applying for mediation or litigation. Any civil action suit brought against the organizer must first be undertaken in Taipei City (Taiwan).
J. If any consumer disputes arise, or accidents occur related to Golden Pin Design Award-winning products or projects, then the manufacturer will assume full responsibility to resolve all subsequent problems arising therefrom.
K. The organizer is not responsible for any missed communications related to the Golden Pin Design Award where there is a change in applicant contact information after the time of registration. If contact information provided by an award applicant at time of registration changes, it is the responsibility of the applicant to inform the organizer of the change and provide updated contact information.
L. The organizer or the executive organizer reserves the right to amend any or all parts of this document at any time.


10. Contact Information

Janice Cheng – Taiwan Design Center
Tel: +886 2 27458199 ext. 335
Location: No. 133, Guangfu South Road, Xinyi District, Taipei 11072 Directions: Enter the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park from Chung Hsiao East Road, Section 4, Lane 553, or from Yanchang Road, and follow the signage to the second floor offices of the Taiwan Design Center.