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Organizer: Industry Development Bureau, MOEA
Executive Organizer: Taiwan Design Center (TDC)

1. Entry Qualification

A. Entered products and projects must NOT be produced or available on the market within the year of the award.
B. The nationality and occupation of an entrant is unrestricted and an entrant can enter the award in the name of an individual, group, or company.
C. There is no entry fee.
D. Entrants can enter an unlimited number of products and projects into the award.

2. Call for Entries Period
The deadline for entries into the 2018 edition of the award is Thursday, June 21, 2018 at 17:00 Taipei Time (GMT +8)
(For online registration, visit:
3. Entry Procedure
This schedule may be subject to change. Any updates will be announced on the official award website (
4. Prizes

A. Best of Golden Pin Concept Design Award (3 recipients)
Each of the three recipients will receive a cash prize of NT$400,000, a trophy, a certificate, and the right to use the Golden Pin ‘Best Concept’ Design Mark on promotional materials.

B. Golden Pin Concept Design Award (several recipients)
Each of the recipients will receive a certificate, and the right to use the Golden Pin ‘Concept Design’ Design Mark on promotional materials.

5. Categories

A. Product Design Category
i. Articles for daily use, including (but not limited to): consumer goods, clothing and accessories, footwear, bags, cases and trunks, health  and medical equipment.
ii. Household equipment, including (but not limited to): furniture, bathroom equipment, construction materials.
iii. Electronic information products, including (but not limited to): 3C products.
iv. Metal mechanical and electrical products, including (but not limited to): machinery and equipment, vehicles, bicycles, household appliances.

B. Visual Communication Design Category
i. Advertisements, including (but not limited to): Graphic advertising material, posters, advertising light boxes, fonts, mascot design.
ii. Publications, including (but not limited to): publicity brochures, books, magazines, calendars and cards, newspapers, instruction manuals.
iii. Branding Systems, including (but not limited to): logos, corporate identity systems, behavior recognition systems, environmental indicator systems.
iv. Digital Content, including (but not limited to): digital animation, digital games, digital learning products, digital publishing products, digital videos.
v. Information technology services and products, including (but not limited to): App mobile application services, internet products, communications network technologies and applications, process design.

C. Packaging Design Category
i. Industrial Packaging
ii. Product Packaging, including (but not limited to): 3C product packaging, consumer goods packaging, clothing and accessories packaging, footwear and bags packaging, cases and trunks packaging, health and medical equipment packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, household appliances packaging, food packaging, beauty products packaging, gifts packaging.

D. Spatial Design Category
Including (but not limited to): homes, retail spaces, offices, public buildings, demonstration homes.

6. Entry Requirement 

Preliminary Selection (Online Registration and Selection)

a. Personal information: Please complete the online registration form as directed.
b. Description of design: English (limited to 200 words). Do not exceed the word limit and do not use bullet points. To ensure the project is best understood by judges and members of the public, it is highly recommended that any translation of the Chinese or English descriptions should be completed by a professional translator.
c. Photograph of entry: Pictures can be either in landscape or portrait orientation as the most important is to present clearly the submitted work’s feature of design. Each photograph must be in A3 size (29.7cm*42cm), in JPEG format with 300dpi and between 2 to 5 MB in size. Please make sure that photographs of entries for all categories meet the specification requirements before uploading for online selection (Preliminary Selection).

For video works, a link to view the video must be provided. The requirements are as follows:
a. Video link: Video must be uploaded to YouTube or similar video sharing platform (maximum length of 30 seconds). For entries of webpage, app, or other interactive design, it is strongly suggested that entrants upload a video showcasing the features and functions of the design.
b. Description of video: The video must be titled ‘(name of project)- short version’ and the 200-word description in Chinese and English must be posted in the description field.
c. Link to video: A valid link should be provided in the ‘Video Link’ field in the in the online registration form. Entrants may only post one link per entry.

Note: The video link will be used by the jury during online selection (Preliminary Selection). Unless the video is already in the public domain, it is strongly suggested that uploaded entry videos be set as unlisted to limit public access to the video.


Secondary Selection (Submission of Prototype or Scale Model)

The prototype or a scale model of the prototype of each entry must be delivered to the Secondary Selection site before the given deadline.
a. Product Design: 1:1 prototype or scaled-down model.
b. Visual Communication Design: A1-sized (59.4cm*84.1cm) poster. Any additional prototypes or materials submitted alongside the entry must be presented as a 1:1 model.
c. Packaging Design: 1:1 prototype or scaled-down model.
d. Spatial Design: Scaled-down model, and/or presented as A1-sized poster.


Final Selection (Submission of Presentation or Video of Entry Introduction)

Files or links should be sent to the designated email address within the timeframe set by the organizer. Relevant entrants will be noticed of details after passing Secondary Selection.
a. Presentation format: PPT, KEY, or PDF
b. Video format: MP4, MPEG, MPG, or MOV
c. Video subtitles: English

7. Add-on Service
To encourage the development of excellent design works, entrants who pass the Secondary Selection will have the opportunity to attend an exclusive presentation training course (To be confirmed) that will help them to enhance their communication skills and refine the quality of the presentation and video that are required at the Final Selection stage of the competition.
8. Assessment
A. Preliminary Selection: Finalist entries are selected based on the entry information provided in the online registration form.
B. Secondary Selection: Prototypes or models submitted by entrants who passed Preliminary Selection are reviewed by an in-person jury. Entrants who pass the Secondary Selection are awarded a Golden Pin Concept Design Award ‘Design Mark’ and qualify for Final Selection and the chance to be named Best of Golden Pin Concept Design Award.
C. Final Selection: The winners of the Best of Golden Pin Concept Design Award are selected based on submitted prototypes or models and the accompanying presentations or videos of each work. The winners will be announced at the award ceremony. (Finalists for the Best of Golden Pin Concept Design Award, who will be announced before the award ceremony, are entitled to attend the award ceremony and after party.)
9. Assessment Standard

Judging committees at different stages of selections, consisting of both local and international experts of various professional fields, assess each entry based on its relevancy to the topic of the award, aesthetics, integrity, and degree of originality.

1. Relevancy to the Topic (40%): The design concept must be inspired by the culture, lifestyle, philosophy, thinking and principles of the huaren community and deliver works that present the characteristics of the community or solutions to issues faced by the community.
2. Aesthetics and Integrity (30%): The work should express the aesthetic of the maker and demonstrate fully the concepts and characteristics of the work itself.
3. Originality (30%): The concept, function and materials of the work should include original elements.

10. Award Ceremony
The award ceremony will be held in November in Taipei City. The winners of the Best of Golden Pin Concept Design Award will be announced during the ceremony.
11. Winners Benefits

The Golden Pin Concept Design Award offers substantial benefits to entrants and winners, including:

A. Free entry: The award is free to enter, and no additional expenses are incurred by participants at any stage of the award.
B. Cash prize: A substantial cash prize is awarded to the three selected Best Design winners each year. Past winners have used this prize to make their concepts a reality, among other applications.
C. Golden Pin trophy: Best of Golden Pin Concept Design Award winners are invited on stage at the December award ceremony in Taipei, Taiwan to receive their bespoke trophy designed by world-renowned Taiwanese glass art brand, LIULIGONGFANG.
D. Certificate of Honor: Best of Golden Pin Concept Design Award winners receive signed certification of their win.
E. Golden Pin Winners' Exhibition: Winners of the Golden Pin Concept Design Award and the Best of Golden Pin Concept Design Award have the opportunity to be selected for inclusion in the Golden Pin Winners' Exhibition held in the Taiwan Design Museum.
F. Online Exhibition: Detailed information of the winning entries and their designers will be displayed on the official Golden Pin website.
G. Promotion: The Golden Pin Concept Design Award has a dedicated bilingual press and marketing team, meaning winning works have the chance to be featured in publications across the globe, as well as online via the various Golden Pin social media channels.
H. Design Mark: The winners of the Golden Pin Concept Design Award and the Best of Golden Pin Concept Design Award have the right to use the Golden Pin Concept Design Award logo on their marketing materials, both on- and off-line.


12. Dream Project

The “Dream Project” program is an initiative by the Golden Pin Concept Design Award that helps to partner talented designers with leading manufacturers in Taiwan. Should you wish to participate in this program, please select from the following options when you apply to enter the Golden Pin Concept Design Award via the online registration system.
A.    My concept design is innovative and I am seeking manufacturers.
B.    I have a manufacturing partner and a marketing plan for my concept design.
C.     Other situation (please specify): ___________________.

13. Important Notes

A. Materials (photographs, documents etc) associated with each entry must be provided to the award organizer for promotional and reporting purposes. Prototypes will not be returned in the year of the award and the works will enter the collection of the Taiwan Design Center and may be used for exhibition and promotional purposes.
B. All entries must be the original work of the entrant and must NOT be produced or available on the market within the year of the award. Should it be discovered that an entrant has violated these rules, the award organizer reserves the right to revoke his or her participation.
C. Be sure to adhere to the deadlines as advised with regard to entering the award and submitting prototypes. Failure to do so will be considered a withdrawal from the competition.
D. Entrants will be solely responsible for any costs incurred in the transportation of their entry or project (including import and export duties, insurance, food inspection, etc.) and any related procedure documents.
E. Best of Golden Pin Concept Design Award winners are taxed according to Taiwan’s Tax Act, where 10% of income tax will be deducted from winnings from Taiwanese entrants and 20% from winnings from entrants from countries outside of Taiwan.
F. In the circumstance where concrete evidence is found/exposed that a winner and his/her work/s are in violation of the regulations of the award’s reviewing process, or are involved in plagiarism, infringement of others’ works, or that the entrant is not the actual creator of their work or that the work is already available on the market, the organizer will revoke the winner’s title, cash prize, certificate, and trophy. Should the aforementioned incident result in a claim for right by a third party on the award organizer (Taiwan Design Center) or the Industrial Development Bureau (IDB), Ministry of Economic Affairs, the responsibility lies solely with the entrant, who should take actions to solve the issue immediately and bear all the litigation, lawyer, and all other related expenses generated in the pursuit of a case. In the circumstance that damages (including, but not limited to, reputational damage) are caused to the Taiwan Design Center or the IDB, the winner shall bear the indemnity liability unconditionally. In addition, the Taiwan Design Center and/or the IDB reserve the right to seek punitive damages from the winner in question.
G. Should any dispute arise in relation to the application, selection, usage or abolishment of a Design Mark, an entrant may seek mediation or litigation. Any civil action lawsuit brought against the organizer must first be undertaken in Taipei City (Taiwan).
H. Should a winning work be found to be involved in behaviors that damage the reputation of the Golden Pin Concept Design Award, the organizer reserves the right to cancel the winner’s title and revoke the cash prize, certificate, and trophy.
I. The number of winners will be adjusted according to the quality and quantity of entries. Entrants who win both the Best of Golden Pin Concept Design Award and the Golden Pin Concept Design Award will only receive the Best of Golden Pin Concept Design Award as it is the highest honor of the two.
J. It is deemed necessary that the organizer collect personal information of all entrants for promotional and administrative purposes related to the award. Entrants retain the right to either allow or not allow their personal information to be collected, handled, and used within the scope of the aforementioned needs. However, if an entrant chooses not to allow their personal information to be handled in the aforementioned way, communication with the award organizer and access to any promotional services offered by the award organizer will be affected.
K. The organizer reserves the right to amend the content and conditions stated in this document.


14. Contact Information