HP Presence

HP Presence is a disaggregated video conferencing solution that scales from small huddle rooms to large conference rooms, making sure everyone can be heard and seen, and in control of their calls. It also has a unique presentation feature that makes sure local audiences can see presentations and video in native resolution without any compression, so everyone gets the full picture.


In order to minimize the amount of plastic for disposable razor, we use paper for the handle and metal for the blade body. As a result, we can reduce the plastic by 98 % compared with our current products. In addition, we tried to provide “fun to shave” too.
“Paper Razor™” is very light weight(4g) and thin(3mm) item that makes it convenient to carry around. Before shaving, a user sets up the razor from a paper board like an “Origami”. It gives new experience in addition to shaving function.

Taiwan Railways Administration, MOTC Intercity Electric Multiple Units EMU3000

The EMU3000 is an intercity express train that operates throughout Taiwan. 600 cars will be introduced by 2024 in order to improve the transportation capacity. In collaboration with Taiwanese train operator and design experts, we have worked together to create a design that is appropriate for the coming modern Taiwan, under the slogan, “Let’s develop a proud train in the world.” The exterior expresses well-restrained and silent velocity, while the interior creates a calm and concise space.