Industry’s first Feeder Featuring Multiple Cats Recolonization
Smart APP Remote Control With Precise Feeding
Intelligent Weighing Sensor Monitoring Surplus Grain
Lead-free Ceramic Beard Bowl Ensures Safety
Isolation Design Prevent Jumping in Line
The unique feeding structure with baffles set on both sides avoids the situation where multiple cats eat at the same time and jump in line.
Minimalist Design


The Coloryzer® is a device that enables measurements of color in a solution based on Raman-spectroscopy. The user inserts a water sample held in a cuvette in the Coloryzer’s slot. The Coloryzer® is connected to an app that provides feedback on the device’s status and results from the measurement. The measurement is made by a sensor beaming through the water sample. The beam is received on the other side of the cuvette and measured. The Coloryzer® can read 27 trillion different colors.