Agniraga Roaster

AGNIRAGA, a manual roaster with the design concept of Transparent!

Handmade rounded uni-body design from heat proof silicate glass. Easy to use, as the user can directly and clearly observe every color changes of the beans during roasting process.

Affordable yet can provide a good roasting result.
The name of AGNIRAGA inspired by the Wisanggeni a character in Javanese wajang epic story, tha the has supernatural powers to absorb and control the fire called Agniraga.


Facing typographic issues and incoherency amongst school and departments logos, the HKU LKS Faculty of Medicine at The University of Hong Kong sought to refresh and unify their brand. The new identity adopts a concise and contemporary typographic system established by abbreviating the faculty name into an acronym that can be used alone in short or in full form accompanying the names of different schools and departments.