The Coloryzer® is a device that enables measurements of color in a solution based on Raman-spectroscopy. The user inserts a water sample held in a cuvette in the Coloryzer’s slot. The Coloryzer® is connected to an app that provides feedback on the device’s status and results from the measurement. The measurement is made by a sensor beaming through the water sample. The beam is received on the other side of the cuvette and measured. The Coloryzer® can read 27 trillion different colors.

The Wave Collection

Mukura hopes that the Wave Collection can help revolutionize the usage of ventilation blocks blocks, support the movement of fighting climate change, and increase more establishments of cost-efficient green buildings. We believe with the birth of the Wave Collection, more people will adopt the usage of ventilation blocks as they are no longer limited to flat surface but can be applied in any kind of surface, including undulating surface, dome, and pillar.