Atrium House

Nestled near the quiet village of Lung Tin Tsuen, Atrium House blends heritage and modernity. “Yíshě”, the social club for the residential complex, takes its inspiration from historic courtyard houses to create a series of brick-clad pavilions surrounding a central pool. Designed to be multi-functional, pavilions house various cultural and wellness amenities of the club – chess, calligraphy, banquet, fitness and play – anchored by a timber-clad tea salon to evoke poetic calmness.

Summer Lasalle

Summer Lasalle is a green office concept. Landscape architect bringing the lines that intersect the rice long ago overlap with the current train route reflects a contemporary.Planting concept as a project’s name “Summer” we use tree that blooming on Summer time as a main feature for every campus.In every campus will have a flowering tree as a symbol for their can refer. Create retention pond for reducing and collecting rainwater runoff.Irrigation system also used a rain water that was collected.