Inspired by the traditional goods carrying equipment of the Dayak community in the rural area of Borneo called KEBA to carry various types and sizes of objects, such as agricultural and forest products, firewood, to animals.
EIGER developed the traditional KEBA to become a backpack with external frame suitable for mountaineering and exploration to carry various types and sizes of objects. It also can be functioned to carry casualty in the event of an accident on a mountain or in the forest.

Specs Accelerator Illuzion II FG

Specs Accelerator Illuzion is a pair of football boots inspired by today’s modern football game style that requires speed and more aggressive game style improvements of the athletes’ performance. The product is not only designed to increase the performance of the players but we also hope to be able to improve their game style in the current millennial era.

Ember Stove

Our users need an elegant fitness companion, more thoughtful and more intelligent. As a member of the family, it coexists harmoniously with the family environment and allows you to experience the fun of sports conveniently and quickly when you need it.