The Golden Pin Design Award has enjoyed global media attention and coverage since it opened itself to international entries in 2014. For the Golden Pin Design Award 2019, it has further acquired the support from 28 iconic design media as its official media partners; this collaboration spans across Taiwan, mainland China, Italy, Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, the Philippines, and the U.S. Out of the 28 media partners this year, new partnerships were established with the Taiwanese-based The Affairs, Benshi, and One Day Magazine; the mainland Chinese-based Sina Home; the Italian-based DesignWanted; the Indonesian-based Indonesia Design (iD); the Australian-based Junkies; the U.S.-based Design Milk; and the Philippines’ PURVEYR. The outstanding designs discovered through the Golden Pin Design Award shall be granted the opportunity for international exposure through the coverage by our media partners.



This year’s Golden Pin Design Award has 12 media partners from Taiwan, including The Affairs, a new media established in 2017 by Fines Lee, founder of Taiwan’s first social enterprise magazine The Big Issue Taiwan. The Affairs brands itself as a newspaper for the new generation and covers various topics, including culture, arts & literature, design, outdoor exploration, and lifestyle & food; it also includes in-depth commentary and analysis on international relations, business, and technology. The Affairs was not only selected as one of Japan’s Good Design Award Best 100 in 2018 for its innovative approach but was also awarded the Golden Pin Design Award Design of the Year Award. Another one of this year’s new media partner, Benshi, is an independent magazine supported and published by the National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts (Weiwuying). The magazine is not just limited to performance arts but also covers various topics such as design, lifestyle, folk culture, and local culture, providing readers with an intellectual clash like none others.

One day magazine includes exclusive interviews and discussion on issues related to the day-to-day life in Taiwan, covering topics such as design, architecture, food, music, movie, and literature. This lifestyle magazine is deeply rooted in the local communities and is very popular among young people. Very Mulan is dedicated to covering stories of women participating in social innovation and shall discover the many faces of design through the perspective of female empowerment. Qdymag is Taiwan’s first Japanese cultural magazine that combines topics of lifestyle, arts, design, history, and technology. The magazine is popular among readers who love Japanese culture and those who pay attention to Taiwan-Japan relations; it was also awarded the Golden Tripod Awards and the Design Mark of the Golden Pin Design Award 2017.

First launched 30 years ago, the Interior magazine is a professional magazine that provides a comprehensive view of design, humanities, and lifestyle. The magazine serves not just as an introduction to international trends but also presents the state of Taiwan’s diverse and internationally-recognized spatial design today in detailed accuracy, acting as an important medium for the West to understand Taiwan’s spatial culture. XinArchi, an architectural design channel established under XinMedia, collates global design cases and provides trend analysis, guiding its readers to experience the appeal of architectural and spatial design.

Taiwan Interior Design magazine (dspace) aims to elevate the professional value and standing of Taiwan’s interior design industry. It collates international cases in interior design and strives to become an important portal through which industry professionals can learn about global development; it is also a platform for exchanges and interdisciplinary collaboration between the public, private, and academic sectors. The Fun Design magazine is focused on global trends in interior design and covers a diverse range of topics; the magazine is a professional guidebook for designers and design enthusiasts alike. MyDesy discovers and curates brilliant cases from around the world every day to supply designers and creative individuals with inspirations.

This year’s Golden Pin Design Award also resumed collaboration with LMG Media Group, which is focused on architectural and spatial design. Its online media subsidiary, DesignWant, is focused on the topics of interior design and household decoration; it also curates brilliant cases from design teams around the world to enrich the inspirations in its readers’ lives. The Living & Design magazine published by DesignWant collates spatial designs for residences around the world and provides news reports on international design and first-hand information of exhibitions, widening its readers’ diverse views.

Tencent Home, one of the 7 Mainland Chinese media partners this year, joined forces with the Golden Pin Design Award once again to serve as a strategic partner, live streaming the annual award ceremony in mainland China. As a mainland Chinese media platform focused on the pan-home furnishing industry, Tencent Home also provides designers, businesses, and consumers with various design cases, product reviews, industry trends, and other information. It also acted as a co-organizer of the Jin Teng Award with the China National Interior Decoration Association to discover outstanding local architectural and spatial designs.

This year’s Golden Pin Design Award also continues its collaboration with Artron, further extending the scope of the collaboration to include Art Express, its mobile reading application subsidiary. Founded in 2000, Artron is a world-renowned online portal of artworks that provides arts & literature information, in-depth report, online exhibition, data analytics, trading platform, interactive community, and other services, serving as a major platform for art collectors/investors/enthusiasts to acquire information on artworks. Art Express is a mobile service launched by Artron that not only bring together the rich, existing information of Artron and news report of distinguished art media, but also provide a more personalized art information service via accurate content push based on the users’ interest and browsing preference.

Domus China is a professional magazine that covers architecture, interior design, industrial design, and arts. Its original edition, Domus, was founded in Italy in 1928 and is one of the most active and influential design media in the world. Domus China incorporates local content upon the foundation of the original edition and captures the current industry development and trends, establishing an interactive platform across the international fields of architecture, design, and arts. Founded in 1988, the national periodical Design is built around the core ideology of “big design” and established as a comprehensive, multidisciplinary design medium that brings together industrial design, architectural landscape, transportation, home appliances, and apparels & accessories, so as to promote exchanges and communication between the private and academic sectors.

Sina Real Estate Design Channel and Sina Home are new demassified media launched by Sina Corporation in recent years. The former is focused on the development and trends in the field of real estate and architecture, integrating resources and information to serve as a platform for real estate businesses and design organizations; the latter is focused on presenting the latest development and international cases in the home furnishing industry through in-depth analysis on lifestyle, design aesthetics, and industry perspective.

The Italian-based DesignWanted, one of the 9 international media partners this year, was originally an Instagram page that curates design cases with over 500,000 followers around the world. In 2015, DesignWanted transformed itself into a professional media and expanded its focus to one of design, architecture, and technology, providing in-depth trend analysis from the perspectives of branding, marketing, and business. The Australia-based Junkies is a lifestyle magazine focused on sustainable design and built around the framework of rethinking, reusing, reducing, and recycling, collating global design cases to promote environmental sustainability.

Since its founding 16 years ago, the Indonesian-based Indonesia Design (iD) magazine has focused on the development of Asian architecture, arts, interior design, and product design. Issued in Indonesian and English, the magazine is one of the most iconic and influential design media in Southeast Asia and was awarded the Bronze Award for Best in Magazine Overall Design by the Asian Media Awards in 2015. The PURVEYR is focused on the outstanding cases and individuals of Filipino creativity, design, and cultural circle, promoting the local culture throughout Asia. This Philippines-based media also promotes the exchange of international experience via the diverse channels of its printed magazine, digital publishing, art gallery, and physical store.

The U.S.-based Design Milk is a well-known online media in Europe and America and was awarded the 2013 A’ Design Award. This media is very popular among young people and continues its curation of hot topics in the field of arts, architecture, interior design, household decoration, fashion, and technology. The Thai-based art4d is an iconic Asian design magazine founded in 1995 that focuses on the fields of Thai architecture, design, arts, and creativity, which serves as a major exchange platform for Thai designers and artists.

The PORTFOLIO is a well-known Singaporean-based design media whose content spans the fields of technology trends, business, arts, lifestyle, and design. The magazine is devoted to presenting contemporary urban lifestyle through special reports and interviews. The CUTOUT magazine is a media project launched by the design studio Tsubaki Studio and is focused on the development of design and popular culture in Asia. The magazine is issued twice a year and was awarded the Golden Pin Design Award Design of the Year Award in 2014. The Hong Kong-based bilingual magazine IdN is available in Chinese and English. Each issue is produced as a themed compilation of design works around the world and covers contents of diverse aspects, including packaging, infographics, and brand identity. The magazine is a must-have guidebook in graphic design for designers and design enthusiasts alike.

The 2019 Golden Pin Design Award and Golden Pin Concept Design Award will hold their secondary selections in August and September to select entries that shall win the honorary mark. The overseas events of the two awards will be held in Shenzhen, Shijiazhuang, and Shanghai in early August. The Taiwan events of “Golden Pin Concept Design Award” and “Golden Pin Design Award” will be held in Taipei on August 14 and September 19 respectively. The final selection of the two awards shall proceed in late September, and the award ceremony will be held on December 5th in Taipei, where the winners of the “Best of Golden Pin Design Award” and the “Best of Golden Pin Concept Design Award” will be revealed. For the latest news on the Golden Pin Design Award, please visit the official website and follow on social media.