Immediately following the overseas second selection event of the 2019 Golden Pin Concept Design Award in Shanghai on August 10th, the second selection in Taiwan was held at Songshan Cultural and Creative Park in Taipei on August 14th. The number of applications this year reached a record high, totaling 4,846 entries from 24 countries/regions across 5 continents. 303 entries passed the preliminary round, among which 45 outstanding works were granted the Design Mark of the Golden Pin Concept Design Award and the qualification to compete for the Design of the Year Award.

As a jury member for the selection events both overseas and in Taiwan, Guang-Min Chang, the regional consultant of the World Design Organization (WDO), noted that this year’s entries showed a high level of integrity on the whole, and that many of them revealed the designers’ concern about humanistic and social issues such as environmental protection, elder care, and underprivileged care. Wei-Hsiung Chan, founder of BusinessNext, was impressed by this year’s entries presented in visual media, noting that these works were mature in terms of both topics and presentation. Nice Cheng, a partner of AppWorks, observed from a market trend standpoint and saw great practicality, the potential for market launch, and promising future development in many of this year’s concepts.



The jury members of the secondary selection were renowned experts in design and market trends from Mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Jury members of the Taiwan event included Jimmy Chang, creative director of UID Create; David Wang, founder of bod design; Jui-I Huang, co-founder of mistroom; Jamie Wu, president of the Taiwan Graphic Design Association; Shu-Yuan Wu, director of Motif Planning & Design Consultants; Kuan-Yi Tai, architect of KUAN-YI TAI ARCHITECTS; Ocean, regional advisor of the WDO and CEO of Inception Cultural & Creative Co., Ltd.; Wei-Hsiung Chan, founder of BusinessNext; Nice Cheng, partner of AppWorks. Jury members of the overseas events were also prominent figures in the fields, including Yu-Fen Lo, creative director of Pinyen Creative Co., Ltd.; Chi-Mei Chang, creative director of Optima Integrated Design; Alfie Shao, CEO of CHU-studio; Ping Chu, founder of the Ripplemaker Foundation; Chao Xiong, founder and creative director of The Nine; Wenqing Yang, founder of LOE DESIGN.


The jury of the second selection in Taiwan.


The final selection event of the 2019 Golden Pin Concept Design Award will be held in Taipei on September 24th. The award ceremony will be held in Taipei on December 5th, where the winners of the “Best of Golden Pin Concept Design Award” will be revealed. For the latest news on the Golden Pin Concept Design Award, please visit the official website and follow on social media.