The final selection of the 2019 Golden Pin Concept Design Award was held in Taipei on September 24th, with every oversea and Taiwanese participant eager to impress the jury. This year, 10 design heavyweights and creative masterminds from around the world served as the judges, including World Design Organization (WDO) President Luisa Bocchietto, huaren designer Tony Chi, Japanese designer duo SPREAD, the founder of bod design corp. David Wang, the CEO of Blueprint Integrate Strategic Design Consultants Jamie Wu, the regional adviser of WDO Tony K.M. Chang, the founder of Business Next Magazine Wei-Hsiung Chan, the partner of AppWorks, and the founder of Flaneur Culture Lab Mei-li Liao.

The final selection of the Golden Pin Concept Design Award allowed the participants to directly communicate with the jury, whose questions were nothing short of challenging. As the representative of the team behind “A Full Paint Bucket”, Guannan Lu from Mainland China noted that the jury shed light on many aspects worth scrutinizing during the designing process that had slipped their mind, which would be helpful for their future creations and made  their trip to Taiwan worth the while. Po-Han Wu and Min-Shuo Hsu, designers of “Sound Lab”, described questions from the jury as “sharp and incisive” and conceded that presenting a comprehensive overview of their concept within 2 minutes had been quite a formidable task. Ting-Han Lin, designer of the “Weapon Font”, mentioned that the preparation processes for the second and the final selections had helped him organize his thoughts as well as determine the positioning of and the potential opportunities for his work, through which he’d grown substantially as a designer.

Luisa Bocchietto, a jury member who came all the way to Taiwan for the selection, mentioned that the overall quality of the works in the final selection was above par, with a few entries being particularly remarkable. Another judge, Tony Chi, commented that among the many works that had a strong personality and a philosophical touch, he was most impressed by the rebellious nature of several submissions. Judges Tony K.M. Chang and Mei-Li Liao both mentioned that regardless of the category, the works this year on the whole not only reflected the designers’ strong opinions on environmental and social issues, but were also above the standard in terms of the maturity in material selection, the design, and the consideration of market trends. According to Chang and Liao, the future of these design concepts is definitely something to look out for.

World Design Organization (WDO) President Luisa Bocchietto.


The designer of the “Weapon Font” Ting-Han Lin.


The designer of “Water quality protection” Yong-Xiang Lin.

This year, the number of applications reached a record high, totaling 4,846 entries from 24 countries/regions across 5 continents. After the secondary selections at Taiwan and Overseas events, there are 45 works from Taiwan, Mainland China, Singapore and Germany coming on top and awarded as Mark Winners. Today, after a full day of rigorous review and many heated discussions, jury members from various fields of design finally reached a consensus, selecting 3 recipients for the Best of Golden Pin Concept Design Award, who will be awarded a trophy, a certificate, and a prize money of NT$400,000.

The judging of Golden Pin Concept Design Award 2019 is now coming to an end. The finalists will be announced in early October on Golden Pin Design Award’s official website, and are all now in the running to win Best Design at the award ceremony in Taipei on December 5. For the latest news on the Golden Pin Concept Design Award, please visit the official website and follow on social media.