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Tom Dixon and Taku Satoh on Jury for the First Time, Designers from Around the World Are Welcome to Apply


The 2021 Golden Pin Design Award (GPDA), one of the iconic annual design awards in Asia, is now calling for entries, opening up a great opportunity for design talents from across the world to showcase their products and projects that cater to Asian societies globally. Executed by the Taiwan Design Research Institute (TDRI), GPDA has gone a long way toward boasting a globally acclaimed signifier of quality in design.

Introduced in 1981, GPDA is one of the most authoritative and influential design awards in Asian societies worldwide. The award recognizes commercial products and projects entered by design teams and industry professionals into four categories – product design, communication design, spatial design, and integration design. Since GPDA began accepting global submissions in 2014, a wide range of world-famous brands and design companies now join the competition each year, including HP, Zeiss Optics, Sharp Technologies, Acer, ASUS, the BenQ Corporation, Xiaomi, One Plus Partnership Limited (Hong Kong), Grass Jelly (Taiwan) and Nanjing’s Hanqingtang Design (China) etc.

The Award organizer invites design experts from all over the world to serve on the jury, forming strong jury panels every year. Designers that have served on the jury include internationally renowned designers Naoto Fukasawa, Fumie Shibata, Oki Sato, Kashiwa Sato, Mårten Claesson, Martin Darbyshire, Luisa Bocchietto, and Tony Chi, all of whom help deliver international perspective to the competition. This year, the organizer has invited for the first time British design genius Tom Dixon, renowned Japanese designer Taku Satoh, editor in chief of the benchmark design magazine AXIS Katsutoshi Ishibashi, and famous Thai graphic designer Tnop Wangsillapakun, with other jury members to be announced later.

In keeping with global trends, GPDA, through the establishment of the Special Annual Award, has in recent years focused on the two aspects of “circular design” and “social design”, encouraging designers and corporations alike to employ design thinking in response to social and environmental challenges. The 2021 competition will continue with this tradition and select exemplary works of social and industrial impact. GPDA invites designers and corporations from around the world to apply.

The 2021 Golden Pin Design Award is now accepting submissions worldwide until 17:00 (GMT+8) on Wednesday, June 30. Works that have already been commercialized and sold on the market are eligible to enter and may be submitted by either the manufacturer or the design team. An early registration discount is available on and before Monday, May 31.


Golden Pin Concept Design Award 2021 Call for Entries

The 2021 Golden Pin Concept Design Award (GPCDA) is also accepting submissions. While GPDA accepts submissions of works that have already been commercialized or sold on the market, GPCDA welcomes works that is still in the conceptual stage. The four categories are Product Design, Communication Design, Spatial Design, and Integration Design. For the three Best Concept winners, the Award is offering grand prize award monies totaling NT$ 1.2 million for works that incorporate innovative concepts.

Moreover, this year GPCDA will collaborate with Farglory Foundation to present Farglory Award, the Special Annual Award this year. Farglory Group, based in architecture, established Farglory Foundation, which commits itself to promoting architecture education and activities related to culture, the arts, and sports; while in the meantime, supporting minority welfare and education for the young generation. The professional jury, organized by both the Golden Pin Concept Design Award and Farglory Group, will select works that adopt innovative concepts that can be applied to the general architecture field. The selection criteria include the works’ innovation, possibilities of commercial application, presentation, and impact on society and the environment. The winner will take home a cash prize of NT$ 200,000.

The 2021 Golden Pin Concept Design Award is open to works that have not been manufactured or sold on the market, were not commissioned by a client, and will not be implemented during the current year. There is no restriction on entrants’ nationality. Students, designers, and companies may enter individually or as a team. The submission deadline is 17:00 (GMT+8) on Tuesday, June 22. No registration fee is required.



Golden Pin Design Award 2021 Registration Guidelines

Golden Pin Concept Design Award 2021 Registration Guidelines