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We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2021 Golden Pin Design Award (GPDA)! This year’s Golden Pin Design Award saw a total of 2,706 outstanding entries from 17 different countries and regions around the globe. After the Secondary Selection held online on September 7th , 627 entries from Taiwan, China, HK, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, Germany, Canada, South Korea, Poland, USA, Vietnam and Indonesia were chosen from among the entries that made the Secondary Selection shortlist to receive the Golden Pin Design Mark.

The upcoming Final Selection will take place on September 13th, where the highest honor—the Best Design winner—will be chosen from among the Design Mark recipients. The finalists will be announced at the end of September. Who will be the winner? We shall see at the award ceremony in December!


GPDA 2021 Secondary Selection Jury — Product Design category


The Highlights of the 2021 Design Mark Recipients


re-PET Bag

  • Category: Product Design
  • Country/region: Taiwan
  • Design Company: Dot Design Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)

From fabric, button, to thread, all parts of the “re-PET Bag” are made from recycled PET material for the convenience of further recycling and classification. The design of the fabric presents a style of rich visuality and functionality through embossed patterns. No printing or dyeing is in the manufacturing process.


stock stack

  • Category: Product Design
  • Country/region: Japan
  • Design Company: KOKUYO (Japan)

This folding and stacking chair is designed for the casual gathering of workers in office lounges for presentations, information sharing and events. The S-shaped frame on either side of the chair provides both the relaxed appearance of a camping chair and ergonomic posture support. The gently rounded armrests not only provide postural support but also create a relaxed impression. The legs are recessed to allow room for the feet. The unique leg shape allows the chair to be folded and stacked. Since the chair can stand upright and be stacked while folded, it looks good when put away and is aesthetically pleasing as an office interior.


Floor-standing Hairdryer

  • Category: Product Design
  • Country/region: China
  • Design Company: LKK Design (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (China)
  • Client: Shenzhen SunSelection Technology Co., Ltd. (China)

The vertical hair dryer aims to solve the problem that long-haired women generally feel sore arms during the drying process. At the same time, through this design, the “wasted time” will be used, allowing users to do more when drying hair. It combines a traditional hairdryer with a stand and uses a double air outlet design to increase the blowing area and optimize the airflow direction, so there is no need to load your hands all the time. The magnetic wireless remote control is integrated on the metal ring, which keeps the product in a complete form in both the use state and the adsorption state, and elegantly fits into the home decoration.


Bilid — Rattan Room Divider

  • Category: Product Design
  • Country/region: Thailand
  • Design Company: Sarunphon Boonto (Thailand)
  • Client: Corner 43 Décor (Thailand)

Inspired from two different perspectives towards Thailand, BILID is a double-sided rattan room divider for indoor space with two different patterns of rattan material that can decorate the house in two ways. The rattan pattern on one side is smooth to convey calm and peace, creating a calming emotion for space; the other side using wavy weave rattan to reflect on the conflict and movement in the country, bringing a dynamic atmosphere. The rattans tinted with seven colors combination blends the warm & cool tone to represent unity.


Postcard from Orange Farmer (Packaging Design)

  • Category: Communication Design
  • Country/region: Japan
  • Design Company: Grand Deluxe (Japan)
  • Client: Dogo no Machiya (Japan)

The objective was to increase sales that had declined from the COVID-19 pandemic. Ehime prefecture, where the juice is made, is also home to the biggest producers of mandarin oranges in Japan, with competition so fierce as to see some oranges priced at less than half of our similarly sized products. By employing a postcard motif, the designer created an analog-looking design with human warmth. By creating an analog feel, it also demonstrates that the product is made from oranges carefully-grown by farmers. The stickers are detached from each other like postage stamps, allowing the package to be customized with different sticker arrangements.


Macao Design Week 2020 (Poster and Key Visual Design)

  • Category: Communication Design
  • Country/region: Macao
  • Design Company: UNTITLED DESIGN, Ltd. (Macao)
  • Client: Macau Designers Association (Macao)

The overall visual identity design is inspired by a traditional Chinese proverb of “A hundred flowers bloom,” signifying the blossom of the design industry. The use of a silvery-grey color scheme brings a sense of modernity while the classic fonts combined with 3D illustrations are the perfect demonstration of Macao’s intergenerational design industry. The metallic textured flowers add personality to the design while cultivating a modernist aesthetic feel for the exhibition.


Maker Space – Popop Taipei

  • Category: Spatial Design
  • Country/region: Taiwan
  • Design Company: Forest Wood Archi-Tect. + Curvink Architects (Taiwan)
  • Client: GIS Group (Taiwan)

Starting with the concept of “designing from a tree,” the design team used the Taiwanese forestry domestic wood-cedar to convey the links and inter-existence relationships between forestry, wood industry, and industries at different stages with the Maker staff. In the space of about 275 square meters, no nail is used, and all wood is fixed with bolts and screws. The friendly construction method treats sustainable materials so that each piece of furniture can be disassembled into the original solid wood in the future and recycled or reused in a good way.


Cloister House

  • Category: Spatial Design
  • Country/region: Singapore
  • Design Company: Formwerkz Architects (Singapore)
  • Client: Private House

The house is built for a client and his extended family that seeks a communal way of living but cherishes privacy and security in leisure farm estate. The family entertains frequently and needed the house to be generous when hosting huge parties and cozy with smaller affairs. The design team reinterpreted the cloister as a space imbued with an infinite permutation of possibilities, and living occurs organically around courtyards. The main space is spatially delineated into 9 sub-grids, punctuated with a series of courtyards. The courtyards were essential for the otherwise deep plan to work, as they bring natural daylight and ventilation to every part of the house. Each courtyard is unique, differentiated by the varied sizes and placement within its respective sub-zones.


Ahsa Farmstay

  • Category: Spatial Design
  • Country/region: Thailand
  • Design Company: Creative Crews (Thailand)
  • Client: Rung Rak Chan Co., Ltd. (Thailand)

This project allowed the architect to examine Architecture as the relationship between buildings and culture. As people’s livelihoods changed, traditional homes are becoming less relevant. The project addresses this issue through the program of cultural tourism and the adaptation of vernacular architecture for future generations. The aim is to learn from local know-how, culture and traditions thus adapt them where appropriate to ensure relevance in present times and well into the future. Reclaimed timber from dismantled homes was selected as the main building material. The architect chose to conserve the essence of the original buildings in parts rather than restoring them as a whole. The matter which made up the original buildings is preserved as individual components which are reassembled, taking on new forms to serve new functions. Extensive documentation of individual pieces was undertaken to minimize construction cost and material wastage.


2021 Yuguang Island Art Festival — Dwelling on the Island

  • Category: Integration Design
  • Country/region: Taiwan
  • Design Company: Urban Art Studio (Taiwan)

In 2020, the world was mired in turmoil due to factors such as climate change and COVID-19, among others. This year, in response to the pandemic, the Yuguang Island Art Festival set “Dwelling on the Island” as its theme for the exhibition, referring to a place where nature and man coexist, where one can settle their body and spirit. The exhibition centers around the words “to heal.” Beginning with the natural environment of the island, the beach, the woods, the sunset, and the waves form the exhibition hall. The festival invites 13 artist groups to transform the environment and fashion a space for healing to call their own.



  • Category: Integration Design
  • Country/region: Poland
  • Design Company: Admind Branding & Communications (Poland)
  • Client: Dutch Design Week (Netherlands)

Admind Branding & Communications joined Dutch Design Week 2020 with a virtual event called #NewIntimacyHour – an emotional online event aimed at exploring people’s deepest fears, hopes, and desires. It gave our everyday experience a captivating new meaning and showed how we all wear filters or masks that conceal more than just the superficial characteristics of our lives. Each evening was dedicated to a different emotion: Love, Fear, Anger, Mischief, and Hope. During the video call event, participants overlayed their faces with an augmented reality filter, designed by Admind to reflect their evening’s personality. Each session was guided by a social sciences expert. The results not only changed our views on digital interaction, but also gave us insight into the future of identity online.


2021 Second Selection Jury’s Comments

Golden Pin Design Award organizes secondary and final selections online this year in response to the global pandemic. In the secondary selection on September 7th, 25 design and market experts gathered online to evaluate various categories with heated discussions.

Before the selection, Flying Tiger Copenhagen head of product design Lovorika Banovic hoped to see more designs from Asia through Golden Pin Design Award. She was pleasantly surprised to see product diversity that connects life and technology. With higher environmental awareness in the public, many enterprises and designers explored new materials and new production processes.


GPDA 2021 Secondary Selection Jury — Communication Design category


Many designs and creative points this year were refreshing and heartwarming, said Lenovo Group Vice President Ying-Jia Yao. From many details, he could feel how designers paid attention to life, and their enthusiasms in creating something beautiful. He looked forward to more groundbreaking changes with innovative ideas and effective business value chains.

Noted graphic designer Tnop Wangsillapakun from Thailand was invited to evaluate the communication design category. He said submissions were more diverse than expected, and he was impressed how designers translated culture and language into elegant and lively forms.


GPDA 2021 Secondary Selection Jury — Spatial Design category


GPDA 2021 Secondary Selection Jury — Integration Design category


Japanese design magazine AXIS director Katsutoshi Ishibashi participated online to evaluate the integration design category this year. He paid special attention to prior studies and effective solutions. Among winners this year, he was impressed by exhibition design in “Oops! The Fonts Went Wrong….” He was moved by how it began with daily observations, and reflected design from a new perspective. Even through photos, he could resonate with messages from the curator, and wanted to visit the exhibition in person.

Spatial design category judge Ching-Hwa Chang mentioned that designs might be appealing even before they were completed. In the process, different perspectives, materials and methods indicated how designers thought and cared about the world. She encouraged future contestants to not only deliver the best in design, but also highlight research processes in various subjects.


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