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The countdown to the 2022 Golden Pin Design Award deadline has begun, with only one week left! The Award is a golden opportunity for companies, design teams, and individuals from all around the globe to demonstrate design excellence in Taiwan, Asia, and beyond. So far, the organizer has received thousands of exceptional works from Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Japan, Korea, Australia, the United States, Germany, Poland, and the United Kingdom since the submission opened in April.

Big names in the running for this year’s Golden Pin Design Award include Pegatron (Taiwan), Sampo Corporation (Taiwan), Kai Corporation (Japan), HP Inc. (U.S.), TOFU Studio (Poland), One Plus Partnership (Hong Kong), UNTITLED MACAO (Macau), Deesawat Industries (Thailand), and other prestigious corporations and design firms. The Award is definitely an excellent stage for top designers from all walks of life to showcase their creations with other competitors.

Today (June 30th), the organizer highlights 8 exciting entries among submissions across categories to promote the award’s 2022 Call for Entries, which will close at 23:59 p.m., Thursday, July 7th (GMT+8 Taipei).


8 Exciting Entries from the Golden Pin Design Award 2022
  • Category: Product Design
  • Country/region: Japan
  • Design Company: Kai Corporation (Japan)

The millennia Japanese knife maker Kai Corporation created the PAPER RAZOR™ disposable razor blade, which used a solid paper structure to replace plastic material and thus reduced plastic use by 98 percent compared to other conventional razors the company has produced. Since it comes in a flat pack, the new product is lightweight and easy to carry.


  • Category: Product Design
  • Country/region: Thailand
  • Design Company: Deesawat Industries Co., Ltd. (Thailand)

This is modular concept where the finished product can be adjusted, mix & match to create difference function. The prominent Thai wood furniture manufacturer Deesawat Industries takes advantage of teakwood made with minimum profile and cement bricks from SCG with 3D printing technology, thus the modules can be assembled or rearranged flexibly according to space and usage, thereby reducing resource waste. Furthermore, after the furniture has been disassembled, the small size cement bricks make it simple to recycle or reuse for other purposes. It is a product with second life solution.


  1. Amadeus Dual Camera AI Notebook
  • Category: Product Design
  • Country/region: Taiwan
  • Design Company: PEGATRON Corporation (Taiwan)

The Amadeus Dual Camera AI Notebook from Pegatron is aimed at meeting the lifestyle and mobile working demands of the post-pandemic era. The laptop provides timely image processing support and delivers a low-latency, high-efficiency, smooth, and crystal-clear video conferencing experience, owing to the integrated AI algorithm technology and dual smart lenses with multiple applications and functions.


  1. Hibāng RE-Fishing-Net Circular Eyewear
  • Category: Product Design
  • Country/region: Taiwan
  • Design Company: Duolog Design LLC (Taiwan)

Ghost fishing gear is the deadliest form of marine plastic as it unselectively catches wildlife, entangling marine mammals, seabirds, sea turtles, and sharks, subjecting them to a slow and painful death through exhaustion and suffocation.

The Hibāng recycled spectacle frame was developed in collaboration with the nylon fishing net recycling vendor by Duolog Design LLC, a Taiwanese innovative spectacle designer. In order to meet the zero-waste target, Duolog Design LLC introduced an eye-catching circulation model by converting discarded fish nets into sturdy materials for spectacle frames along with a frame recycling reward program.


  1. Adobe InDesign 2022
  • Category: Communication Design
  • Country/region: Macao
  • Design Company: UNTITLED MACAO (Macao)
  • Client: Adobe (U.S.)

The theme animation “Adobe InDesign 2022” developed for Adobe leverages the InDesign tools as the DNA of creative endeavors. The vibrant color contrast and bouncing linear graphics highlight the creator’s original ideas and give the product a fresh image.


  1. Envelope House
  • Category: Spatial Design
  • Country/region: Singapore
  • Design Company: Asolidplan (Singapore)
  • Client: Private House

This multi-generational home in Singapore is designed as a landscaped double-skinned house, with an outer envelope enclosing both a layer of greenery and an indoor courtyard garden. Staircases and skybridges accessing the separate quarters crisscross the triple-volume courtyard garden to keep the family members close.


  1. Fama Office
  • Category: Spatial Design
  • Country/region: U.S.
  • Design Company: JCA Studio (U.S.)
  • Client: Fama Construtora (Brazil)

JCA Studio performed renovation work for Fama Construtora, a classic Brazilian construction company. The spatial design of “Fama Office” was largely inspired by construction site materials, such as the use of PVP pipes and steels for walls and compartment boards and gray cement as table tops, to create a rustic, recreational, and yet elegant working environment while delivering an innovative brand name.


  1. The Forestias – Imagine Happiness
  • Category: Integration Design
  • Country/region: China
  • Design Company: VAVE Studio (China) & b.u.g Studio (Thailand)
  • Client: MQDC Town Corporation Limited (Thailand)

The Forestias – Imagine Happiness is the joint creation of VAVE Studio from Shanghai and b.u.g Studio from Thailand. Based on the philosophy of “pursuing happiness”, this unconventional real estate showroom was designed for Forestias, a housing project in Bangkok dedicated to creating a sustainable eco-system where people, wildlife, and nature can live and evolve peacefully side by side. The immersive 360° cinema and the multi-sensory experience area invite the visitors to discover the true meaning of happiness from different perspectives.


2022 Final Call for Entries

The clock is ticking down for submissions to the 2022 Golden Pin Design Award! Don’t hesitate to submit your brilliant works now for a chance to win the Golden Pin Design Awards.

  • Registration Deadline: 23:59 p.m., Thursday, July 7th (GMT+8 Taipei)
  • Entry Qualifications: Design entry must be already commercialized on the market or completed spatial and integration design works. The vendor applicant must be a business entity or design team.
  • Registration Fee: NT$5,000 per item (approx. US$170) with no additional charges.
  • Entry Categories: Product Design, Communication Design, Spatial Design, and Integration Design.


2022 Timeline
  • Preliminary Selection: Mid-July 2022 (online selection)
  • Secondary Selection: Mid-August 2022 (online selection)
  • Final Selection: Late-September 2022 (online selection)
  • Best Design Award Ceremony: in early December 2022


GOLDEN PIN DESIGN AWARD 2022 Registration Guidelines

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