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The Golden Pin Design Awards is pleased to announce that Tung Tzu-Hsien, founder and chairman of Pegatron Group and honorary chairman of the Taipei Computer Association, will be receiving the Honorary Award this year. Tung will be officially commended for his commitment and contributions to Taiwan’s design scene and creative content industry at the award ceremony, held on the evening of Friday, December 2.

The Golden Pin Design Awards established this annual award to publicly recognize outstanding or exceptional figures for their long-term contributions to Taiwanese design research, promotion, and applications. By honoring the recipients’ achievements, they will serve as role models to encourage other practitioners in the design industry and related fields. After careful consideration, the jury selected renowned Taiwanese entrepreneur Tung Tzu-Hsien as the recipient of this year’s award.

Tung worked for Acer after graduating from National Taipei University of Technology before co-founding ASUS in 1989 with Hsieh Wei-Chi, Liao Min-Hsiung, and Hsu Shi-Chang. At ASUS, Tung led a team to develop notebook computer brands so that the company could transition from providing motherboard technology services into the laptop market. This move gave rise to the birth of ASUS’ own industrial design department and the creation of high-tech, stylish consumer electronics. Since then, ASUS has repeatedly topped market share rankings in Taiwan and has become one of the world’s top 10 laptop brands.

When ASUS and Pegatron announced their split in 2007, Tung became Chairman and CEO of Pegatron Corporation. He began to push for OEM and ODM system reforms towards one that integrates diversified services in research development, design, and manufacturing. This set Pegatron apart from other manufacturers in the electronics industry and won the company multiple design awards both at home and abroad. During the last two years, Pegatron has earned kudos from the Golden Pin Design Awards with products such as the GEISHA Wearable Device and MAGNETO Dual Screen Laptop. This year, their Kaigio-Cam 360 Smart Video Conference Center, an innovation designed in response to work trends in the post-pandemic era, is among the contenders for Best Design honor.

In recent years, the Pegatron Group has extended its strong design capacity beyond IT products to the design services market in the company’s collaborations with Eslite to create the PEGACASA boutique lifestyle product line, metal casings, and contact lenses and has begun offering services in the arts and literature among other fields. Tung has been the key driving force behind the Group’s innovations. In addition, he has transformed his passion and personal preferences for literature and the arts into concrete support for the cultural and creative content industries. His investments in film and television works such as A Touch of Green, Q Series, and The Inspired Island documentaries have supported the cultivation of local creative talent and promoted the development of Taiwan’s industry.

With his unique, avant-garde vision and strategic outlook, Tung has commanded Pegatron’s OEM forces, reshaped its brand value, established design as the foundation of its core competence, promoted the integration of design into multiple fields, and created new value for the company. For these many accomplishments, Tung is truly deserving of this year’s Honorary Award.

Upon hearing the news, Tung thanked Golden Pin Design Awards, stating that he was moved to receive this affirmation of his work. According to Tung, the world has “gone through extraordinary times during the pandemic these past two years, which has undoubtedly led to a great deal of uncertainty. Nevertheless, what’s valuable about design is that it creates a ripple effect where new challenges do not go unanswered. There are so many interesting solutions that can be created through design, which transforms challenges into possibilities that are as wide-ranging as they are wonderful.”

Public recognition will be officially given to Tung as recipient of the Honorary Award at the annual extravaganza of the industry that is the 2022 Golden Pin Design Awards ceremony, which will be held at the Taiwan Traditional Theatre Center on Friday, December 2. Winners of the highest honors, the Best Design of the Year Award and the Special Annual Award, will also be announced. The ceremony will be broadcast live on the official Golden Pin Design Awards YouTube channel in both Chinese and English. For the latest news on the Golden Pin Awards ceremony, please follow updates on the official website and social media platforms.