Fish Cycling

The relationship between the fish market and Styrofoam is inseparable. We design the fish container to be folded and reused, which is in line with the rapid upstream wholesale, mid- and downstream retail and wholesale, and then the logistics truck returns to the upstream cleaning place. Reach the mode of circular chain.

Through the rental model, according to the demand of different vendors, to achieve the customer made monthly rental fee, and the monthly rental fee also includes subsequent warranty services (non-human damage, replacement parts) and so on: And with local fishing clubs or rental truck companies to achieve cooperation promotion.

Prescriptions M+

Prescriptions M+ delivers chronic disease or controlled medications or vaccines to patients unable or inconvenienced to collect medicines at pharmacies because of limited mobility or special illnesses, reducing the workload of pharmacists and minimizing the risk of crowds and infections during the pandemic. Prescriptions M+ integrates patients, hospitals and pharmacists and dispenses prescriptions to various locations efficiently through delivery professionals.
Delivery helps patients and pharmacists with remote video when delivering drugs, ensuring that patients and online pharmacists correctly check and explain medicines to provide better Long-Term Care services during epidemic times.


Forty-five farmers commit suicide every day in India, most of them by poisoning, yet there is no immediate treatment available in Indian villages.

SURVIVE is first if it’s kind to completely automate gastric lavage process for the village use case scenario to drastically reduce the time & efforts of the treatment where every second is very crucial to save the patient’s life.

SURVIVE makes life-saving accessible in remote areas.

This device could be used in ambulances, City hospitals & especially in a village use case scenario for emergency suicidal cases which can be used by rural health workers for immediate rescue.

When compared to a traditional gastric lavage process which takes up to 30-45 mins but SURVIVE could finish the same in 2-5 mins, relative to the seriousness of the patient.

SURVIVE requires very minimal training to use. So that anyone with very little training like even the rural healthcare worker could use this product in emergency situations!

The product comes with an automatic cutoff mechanism and speed control so that important settings could be customized.

Let’s save one life at a time in Indian Villages by making SURVIVE a reality!


The main thing about fighters is human nature. At the time of life and death, what decisions do people make in order to survive? The result may be cruel but not easy to criticize, and the good and evil in people’s hearts cannot be easily judged because people have their own problems.

Under The Medal

The medal he possessed which was symbolic of the glory on the battlefield. However, the justice given by it sustained the equivalent sin as well.

Pursuing the medal of honor the old veteran stepped onto his shadow, recalling his military life along with the medal, which revealed the blurred justice hidden beneath the glory and cemented by the blood.


The feeling of the moment you have a crush on someone
Is as though the moment freezes and only she’s in your sight;
Is as though a crash into you like a train so you got a deranged mind;
Is as though your desolate and drowsy world go round once again of her drives…


Through the designs of pattern and print, expressing that electromagnetic radiation emitted from mobile phones are not to be neglected and bringing out the effect of warning the human body with the use of strong colors.