2019 Taiwan Design Expo- PING TUNG THING

Rich visual effects are assembled from changes in materials. We started from the wildness of the raw products, the process of leading the visitors to learn more about them and finally becoming consumers is explained by the three areas in the exhibition hall. Traditional agriculture is combined with design aesthetics to present a new look, highlighting the achievement of transforming the product to a brand and to connecting with people.

Moon Hut

Each visitor entering in “Moon Hut” may think of his moon-lit hometown through the bleary dome, evoke “nostalgia” that has been missed and originated from innermost memory. This is what “Moon Hut” means.

Scenes of Power City

Scenes of Power City is a large-scale outdoor interactive public art, consisting of 64 infinitive interactive mirrors and stainless steel plates. Through interactive computing control and modular LED units, the device reflects the interactive relationship between urban vitality and energy.

Rice mill Rebirth

The rice mill is located in Guanyin Township, Yuli. It was built in 45 years. The renovation of the old house is not only about keeping the tradition. In order to renew the value of the old house, it can be matched with new design methods to give the old house a new look, but it can better achieve the spirit of “architectural sustainability”.

831 [The Great Nobody] concert

We created a stage to show 831’s spirits and infinite enthusiasm in music. Inspired by the band’s logo, three triangular screens depict vivid images of the songs, as the ascending form of central one draws a new dimension on the stage.
The thrust stage is connected with a surrounding aisle and an extending stage, allowing the fans to feel the tension in close perspectives. The overhead double truss adds a platform for the lighting, creating stunning climax as the moving voice soars in the air.

Valen Hsu [Freyja] Tour 2018

To convey Valen’s singing style, we created a transparent soundscape and a vividly flowing visual presentation on her very stage.
To create surreal scenes and visualize her pure voice, we take advantages of the interactive installations. Multiple sets of fans are digitally programmed to create a naturally flowing effect with the silk curtain and the smoke. Along with the lighting design and the animation screen, the combination of installations build up an immersive soundscape for the audience.


In the installation we chose newspaper as material who contain word power and report events, after years of achieving present the atmosphere in the room. Draw a line through the papers, strongly connect with the landscape and skyline of Taipei City.

General’s Village

The General’s Village was constructed after the Second World War, which was designated a landmark district of Hsinchu City in 2015. The restoration plan envisions an open book information park to reflect urban. We insert new design into historical buildings to integrate whole district, to restore and reserve the field memory, to rebuild the relations with old and new.