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Hoping to create a better cooking experience for GORMT users, GORMT aims to improve the functional deficiencies of kitchen appliances in our home. This product simplifies the usage of current kitchen utensils to improve the existing problems which the users might not notice. GORMT transforms the idea of oriental food case into a modern cooking utensil set of eight. By using the bevel as the main design axis of this series, making each tool a unique individual with a strong characteristic. GORMT brings out the ultimate beauty of the appliance, and encourages users to calmly enjoy the fun in the kitchen.

Braille Correction Device Finger-tape

The Finger-tape is a Braille correction device designed for the visually impaired. This product solves the problem that Braille writing errors are difficult to correct. Six buttons on the side of the Finger-tape allow the visually impaired person to write the correct Braille, and then press the front of the tape to reveal the correct Braille correction tape over the incorrect Braille.
Through field research, we found that the error rate of Braille writing is very high. When people use the traditional methods to correct Braille, most of them are to pick out the wrong Braille by hand, which is more difficult to correct and may even cause paper breakage. Finger-tape is a totally new solution to this problem by using a correction tape with a certain thickness to cover it.
In the global context of the number of the visually impaired has reached 2.2 billion, the Braille correction products have a huge user group. What’s more, there is no Braille correction product for them in the market before the Finger-tape. The emergence of our product fills this gap.

Balance Wheelbarrow

When farmers use the wheelbarrow, the goods are often overturn due to the bumpy ground, which makes the crops harvested by farmers​ are back to square one. Therefore, the design uses a swing device to make the wheelbarrow have a buffer effect when they passing through the bumpy ground, so that the harvest more stable and smooth.


The design provides an elderly scooter that can convert multiple modes, suitable for use in multiple scenarios.
The scooter has two modes to choose from, namely the mobility mode and the mobility mode. The mobility mode is divided into standing mobility and sitting mobility, which can meet the different mobility needs of the elderly during long-distance travel; in the mobility mode, the mobility scooter can assist the elderly to walk safely, and can also be converted to a shopping cart state To meet the needs of the elderly for convenient shopping.


TUNNEL KEEPER is a high-mobility fire rescue vehicles design for the tunnel. It integrates with the fire-fighting equipment inside the tunnel and set up an emergency operations station at the entrance of the tunnel. After receiving the notification, it can be dispatched and carry out initial fire-fighting before the arrival of large fire-fighting vehicles. The unique body design, which includes side smoke exhaust device, water mist equipment and Fire Chem AFFF foam, protect the firefighter from high heat and heavy smoke caused by traffic accident. Moreover, it is designed to combine the fire hydrant in the tunnel to prevent the spread of the fire at the initial stage, as well as assist people to escape and transport the injured, reduce the casualty, and improve the accessibility of rescue.


This insect rearing unit is not just for food waste reduction but also for life education.
The design is innovating the traditional methods of raising the decomposing insect, the black soldier fly. By utilizing space with their growth patterns and designing pathways optimizing their pupation behavior, we can fit this device in educational environments such as junior high schools and elementary schools, to benefit our next generation’s knowledge about these amazing creatures.

Scent Area Indicator

When a large-scaled earthquake or flood happens,
often times you’ll sent search and rescue dogs to find buried survivors. However, the disaster site is often covered with debris causing wind to travel in a cone shaped path. If located in a leeward place, there is a very large chance take the wind will change the path of the scent, therefore wasting precious time searching the same area.
That is why we designed “Search Area Indicator”. First, it uses 360 degrees wind pressure sensor to detect wind direction. Next, it will sent the numbers back to the instructor, showing him the places they missed on the display, and show the most possible position for the scent source. Lastly, by clicking on the target area on the display, it activates the vibration motor on the collar to give the dog direction instructions. Thus, minimizing the need for repeated search and increase accuracy and the efficiency of the search.

Inflatable Stretcher

” INFLATABLE STRETCHER ” is an emergency stretcher bag that integrates the various medical equipment required for the emergency rescue process. It provides sufficient equipment for the rescuer to deal with the injured part, so that the rescue process is more intuitive and systematic, and it prevents the accident caused by panic injury.
In addition, the inflatable stretcher is small and light. It can be used to rescue the wounded in various disasters such as emergency rescue and water rescue in various places, as well as to transport the wounded at homes, sports venues, and ambulances.

Sewer Safety Equipment

In recent years, sewer engineering has become popular, and public security accidents have been reported frequently. Therefore, the SSE equipment can detect the oxygen content and the concentration of dangerous gases during operation, remind and warn through the device when it is dangerous, and use the positioning device to escape, and allow the supervisor to know the location in real time.

OPlay – A Medical Product for Children with Asthma

OPlay is an innovative solution for asthma medication and monitoring for children. For children, symptoms like stridors, and complex treatments may affect their experience of therapy, and even self-acceptance.
It integrates the playing of musical instrument into the use of medical products, with two functions of asthma spacer and peak flow measuring. Measuring results will be uploaded to the app. OPlay makes the medicating, test, and recording a seamless procedure, and offers a possibility for children to increase adjustment frequency.
By analog with functions of musical instruments, OPlay transforms the complex process into several simple steps. When children use OPlay, it senses actions and plays corresponding melodies. Different music pieces are feed-backs in each operation stage. At the same time, the operation time is guided by light to help children do medicating and testing more happily. OPlay makes the tedious therapy a joyful recital presented by children.


CAVALER is designed for disabled and elderly with limited mobility. By using self-balancing technology, it can automatically maintain the seat balance according to the road slope. It also can automatically brake when facing danger to prevent falls, which solves the problem of traditional wheelchair uphill and downhill danger. Besides, equipped with an electric assist function, users can easily get on and off the wheelchair and support standing driving. By using the Mecanum wheel greatly reduces the turning radius and can complete the turn in a small space. It can be easily folded and disassembled, and can be easily put into the car trunk to meet the needs of long distance travel. CAVALER incorporates sci-fi elements in its appearance design, not like a special equipment for the disabled, but more like a cool future transportation vehicle.

Infusion Pump

Infusion Pump is a portable infusion set for outdoor emergency use. Compared with traditional products, it is more suitable for complicated outdoor emergency environments, and it is more stable and safer. Outdoor first aid usually encounters problems such as emergency action, cold weather, and limited space situation. Traditional gravity infusion devices are difficult to cope with such a complicated emergency environment. This infusion set applies the stepper motor to control the screw to transfuse the liquid medicine stably and accurately. It has good portability and stability. It can work normally in narrow space and on the way to transport the wounded, which improves the stability and safety of the infusion. It can intelligently control the flow rate of the liquid medicine, and can stably inject special medicines for the rescue of critically ill patients. The internal graphene heating film can quickly and safely heat the liquid medicine, solving the problem of infusion in low-temperature environments such as winter, late night, rain and snow, to relieve the pain of the injured.

Forest Fire Monitoring and Early Warning Escape System Design in Panxi Area

The forest fire risk monitoring and early warning and escape system in Panxi area is composed of a fire risk monitor and an intelligent protective helmet. The fire risk monitor uses technologies such as smoke detectors and GIS geographic information systems to monitor forest fire risks around the clock. Detect forest fires in time, and quickly send early warning information to the fire command center. The monitor emits instruction voice and flashing lights to provide firefighters with safe escape route guidance. The monitor provides a certain amount of water supply for forest guards and firefighters through rainwater collection devices. The transparent holographic display screen in front of the smart protective helmet provides fire information display and escape route guidance for firefighters.

Fire Fighting Equipment

It is used to open up isolation belt of grassland and mountain forest fire and spray flame retardant to achieve fire extinguishing purpose. Because of the lack of water, it is very dangerous to extinguish the wildfire mainly by digging the isolation belt and using the blower to extinguish the fire. The main function of this design is to spray flame retardant (perchloroethylene) on soil water after crushing vegetation by front-end crusher to form isolation belt. Efficient and safe.

PCSRS Cervical Spine Positioning and Traction Rehabilitation System

PCSRS cervical spine positioning and traction rehabilitation system is a novel medical device for traction controlled by a microcomputer. Traditional cervical traction equipment, because of the long traction time, patients are prone to fatigue, resulting in dislocation changes in the maintenance relationship between the chest and neck during traction, which reduces the role of traction; then the traction range is relatively unscientific and careful. The PCSRS is fixed by the synchronous wrapping of the neck and chest, always maintaining the relationship between the chest and the neck, which maximizes the effect of traction and easily reduces patient fatigue. The traction range controlled by microcomputer is more scientific and precise. And can detect various indicators of patients.