The Golden Pin Concept Design Award is open to any designer with a passion for innovative design and ideas for social change. We are looking for creative ideas and unorthodox solutions that break new ground, stretch the limits of possibility, and support environmental sustainability. Do you have fresh and creative ideas? If so, you could become the next great designer of our time. Come and demonstrate your talents. Maybe you will win the NT$ 400,000 grand prize and turn your ideas into reality!

Entry Qualification

  • Entries are limited to works that will not be manufactured or sold on the market before December 31, 2022. Projects in active development are ineligible.
  • Entrants may be students, designers, or companies, and may enter individually or as a group.
  • There is no restriction on the number of entries (submission to multiple categories is permitted).
  • No entry fee is required.

Call for Entries Period

The submission deadline is 23:59 local time (Taipei, GMT + 08:00),Wednesday, June 22, 2022.

* Revisions can be made to entries at any time prior to the deadline.

Key Dates & Judging

  • Preliminary Selection: July (online review)
  • Secondary Selection: August (online review)
  • Final Selection: September (Physical entry delivery canceled due to pandemic circumstances, Presentation Videos is required)
  • Awards Ceremony: Held concurrently with the Golden Pin Design Award in December (in Taipei) (to be confirmed).

* This schedule may be subject to change. Please see the official website for the latest updates.


  • Best of Golden Pin Concept Design Award
    Each of the three (3) awardees will receive a trophy, a certificate, a cash prize of NT$ 400,000, and the right to use the GPCDA “Best Concept” Mark.
  • Golden Pin Concept Design Award
    Multiple awardees will be selected, with each receiving a certificate and the right to use the GPCDA “Concept Design” Mark.


Product Design

Articles for daily use



Clothing and accessories

Communication Design

Visual identity

Graphic design

Digital content

Packaging design

Spatial Design

Public space

Business space

Event space

Residential space

Integration Design

Including (but not limited to): curating/planning, exhibition venues, experiential design, social designs, welfare designs, and urban/public designs

Selection Procedure


  1. Preliminary Selection (Online Registration)

Please sign up as a member through the online registration system and fill out the required information. Your submissions must follow the formatting requirements of their respective categories.

Please also take note of the following requirements:

  • Personal information: Please fill out the online registration form as directed. Students are advised not to use their school email address if they are graduating in the current year.
  • Description of design: Description should be written in paragraphs instead of bullet points. Do not exceed the word limit (200 characters for Chinese/1200 characters for English).
  • Upload 1–5 photos of your work, preferably horizontal images. The photos should focus on presenting the work, and please put its description in the description field. Every photo should be 21cm×29.7cm in the JPEG format with 300dpi resolution.
  • Video link:

For entries involving digital content/dynamic images, entrants must provide a video link. For entries involving webpages/interactive design, it is strongly suggested that entrants upload a video showcasing the features and functions of the design. The formatting requirements for videos are as follows:

(1) Entrants are advised to upload a video highlighting the features of their design(s). A short clip of approximately thirty (30) seconds is preferred. The length of the clip must not exceed one (1) minute.
(2) Video may be uploaded to video sharing platforms (such as YouTube and Vimeo) or personal cloud storage.
(3) A valid link to the video should be provided in the Video Link field on the online registration form.

* Note: Videos will be viewed by the panel of judges during the selection process. It is strongly advised that uploaded videos be set as unlisted to limit access to those who have the link. The video must remain accessible to the award organizer until the end of the current year.


  1. Secondary Selection (Submission of Proposals)

Please visit the registration system and fill in the proposal secondary selection data within the timeframe set by the organizer.
Proposals may include: design inspiration, analysis of issues or problems with the existing design(s), pilot implementation results, references, follow-up development plans, etc.
Details will be announced to qualifying entrants when the Preliminary Selection shortlist is published.


  1. Final Selection (Physical entry delivery canceled due to pandemic circumstances. Pre-record presentation videos and online presentation are both required.)

Files or links should be sent to the designated email address within the timeframe set by the organizer. Details will be announced to qualifying entrances when the Secondary Selection shortlist is published.

Exclusive Courses

To improve their communication of the concepts and design thinking that underlie their work, entrants who pass the Secondary Selection (i.e., Golden Pin Concept Design Mark awardees) will be granted the opportunity to attend exclusive workshops or training courses that will enhance their communication skills and show them how to refine their presentations and videos to make them more complete, both to help them stand out at the Final Selection and to strengthen their future design project management.

Selection Procedure

  1. Preliminary Selection: Entries eligible for the Secondary Selection will be selected based on the information provided in the online registration form.
  2. Secondary Selection: Project details submitted by entrants who passed the Preliminary Selection are reviewed by a panel of judges to select the Golden Pin Concept Design Mark winners. Among these winners, some will be selected for the Final Selection and the chance to be crowned the Best of Golden Pin Concept Design.
  3. Final Selection: The winners of the Best of Golden Pin Concept Design Award will be selected based on their submitted prototypes or models and the accompanying presentations or videos for each entry. The winners will be announced at the award ceremony.

* Finalists for the Best of Golden Pin Concept Design Award will be announced before the award ceremony, and are entitled to attend the ceremony.

Judging Criteria

The judging panels at each stage of selections, consisting of both local and international experts from various professional fields, will assess each entry based on its aesthetics, integrity, marketability, technical feasibility, and degree of originality..

  • Originality: Whether the concept, functionality, and materials of the work include original elements.
  • Aesthetics and integrity: Whether the work demonstrates aesthetics and fully realizes the concept and characteristics of the design.
  • Marketability and technical feasibility: Whether the design is implementable in the near future and whether it meets market needs.

Awards Ceremony

The awards ceremony is tentatively scheduled for December in Taipei. Winners of the Best of Golden Pin Concept Design Award will be announced at the ceremony.

* Please refer to the official website for updates.

Winner Benefits

  1. Golden Pin Trophy: Each of the hefty glass trophies is solidly built. The exquisite and unique craftsmanship is a glistening reward for the most distinguished designers.
  2. Certificate of Honor: The certificate represents the commendations received by the contestants and may be used to increase exposure.
  3. Prize Money: Substantial prize money is awarded as a tangible support for the winners, helping them bring their concepts to market.
  4. Training Courses: Professional training courses are provided to enhance contestants communication skills required for both the competition and various future projects.
  5. Golden Pin Winners’ Exhibition: Winners of the Golden Pin Concept Design Award and the Best of Golden Pin Concept Design Award are given priority in selection for the exhibition, providing their works with a stage to shine.
  6. Online Exhibition: Detailed information of the winning entries and their designers will be displayed on the official Golden Pin website, helping designers and their outstanding designs gain exposure through the power of the online community.
  7. Promotion: Winners may enjoy press coverage. This is a watershed moment for the winners and a chance for them to shine on the global stage.
  8. Design Mark: The Golden Pin Concept Design Award (the “CONCEPT DESIGN” mark) and the Best of Golden Pin Concept Design Award (the “BEST CONCEPT” mark) are prestigious certificates of excellence in design.

Important Notes

  1. Materials (photographs, documents, etc.) associated with each entry must be provided to the award organizer for promotional and reporting purposes.
  2. All entries must be the original work of the entrant and must NOT have been produced, sold on the market, or otherwise in active development during and prior to the year of the award. Should it be discovered that an entrant has violated these rules, the award organizer reserves the right to revoke his or her participation.
  3. Entrants must adhere to the deadlines as advised with regard to filling in the required information and uploading the required files. Failure to do so will be considered a withdrawal from the competition.
  4. Best of Golden Pin Concept Design Award winners are taxed according to Taiwan’s Tax Act, where 10% of income tax will be deducted from winnings from Taiwanese entrants and 20% from winnings from entrants from countries outside of Taiwan.
  5. Best Design winners of the year will be solely responsible for any income taxes, government-mandated withholdings (including but not limited to taxes on income from contests and games and from prizes or awards won by chance), and other expenses which are not covered by the award or the award organizer. Failure to make such payments will result in forfeiture of the award.
  6. According to Articles 2, 3, and 11 of the Standards of Withholding Rates for Various Incomes promulgated by the Ministry of Finance, 10% of the full payment for any prizes or awards from contests and games of chance exceeding NT$ 20,000 shall be withheld by the organizer. The withholding rate shall be 20% for non-residents, profit-seeking enterprises without a fixed place of business in the Republic of China, or individuals of the Mainland Area residing or staying in the Taiwan Area for less than 183 days in a taxable year. Should the aforementioned income (winnings and prizes) exceed NT$ 1,000 in a tax year, the amount shall be reported as part of the winner’s annual income. Failure to comply with these tax regulations will result in forfeiture of the cash prize.
  7. In the case that concrete evidence is uncovered which shows that a winner or his/her work is in violation of the regulations of the review process for the award, or which indicates plagiarism or infringement of the works of others or that the entrant is not the actual creator of the work or that the work was already available on the market, the organizer will revoke the winner’s title, cash prize, certificate, and trophy. Should the aforementioned incident result in a copyright claim by a third party against the award organizer (TDRI) or the Industrial Development Bureau (IDB) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the responsibility shall lie solely with the entrant, who shall promptly take action to resolve the issue and who shall bear all litigation, legal, and other related expenses generated by the case. In the event that damages (including but not limited to reputational damage) are caused to the TDRI or the IDB, the winner shall bear all related indemnity and liability unconditionally. In addition, the TDRI and/or the IDB reserve the right to seek punitive damages of up to three times the amount of the original cash prize from the winner in question.
  8. Should any dispute arise in relation to the application, selection, usage or abolishment of a Design Mark, an entrant may seek mediation or litigation. Any civil action lawsuit brought against the organizer must first be undertaken in Taipei City (Taiwan).
  9. Should a winning work be found to be involved in behaviors that damage the reputation of the Golden Pin Concept Design Award, the organizer reserves the right to cancel the winner’s title and revoke the cash prize, certificate, and trophy.
  10. The number of winners will be adjusted according to the quality and quantity of entries. Entrants who win both the Best of Golden Pin Concept Design Award and the Golden Pin Concept Design Award will only receive the Best of Golden Pin Concept Design Award as it is the highest honor of the two.
  11. It is deemed necessary that the organizer collect personal information of all entrants for promotional and administrative purposes related to the award. Entrants retain the right to either allow or not allow their personal information to be collected, handled, and used within the scope of the aforementioned needs. However, if an entrant chooses not to allow their personal information to be handled in the aforementioned way, communication with the award organizer and access to any promotional services offered by the award organizer will be affected.
  12. The organizer reserves the right to amend the content and conditions stated in this document at any time.

Contact Information

Golden Pin Concept Design Award Project Team

2F No. 133 Guangfu S. Rd, Xinyi Dist., Taipei City 110, Taiwan (Songshan Cultural and Creative Park)

TEL:+886-2-2745-8199 ext.339 魏小姐丨Kaya Wei





Wechat: 金點設計獎

2022 Golden Pin Concept Design Award Registration Guidelines