The Golden Pin Design Award is celebrating World Industrial Design Day for a second consecutive year by connecting with Young Pin Design Award winners ‘See the Ocean Smile’, and highlighting this year’s #WIDD2019 theme — United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production.

’See the Ocean Smile’ is a toy collection that teaches children about marine plastic pollution and its affect on marine life. The collection contains puzzles and story cards, all made from sustainable materials such as wood and paper, which attempt to communicate the issue in a playful way. The idea of marine pollution and its impact is difficult for children to understand, therefore the toys focus on children’s emotional response to the stories, activities, and puzzles.

For example, one of the toys is a wooden turtle that’s gotten itself tangled up in a discarded fishing net floating hazardously in the ocean. Through the accompanying story cards, children are encouraged to empathize with the turtle’s struggle for survival, and to understand human beings’ role in its struggle. The toys are meant for children between two and five years of age who are at the beginning of their cognitive, emotional, and social development.

It was designed by a team of four students (Wu Si-Yu, Wu Siou-Chiung, Li Yong-Zhen, and Lin Ting-Yuan) from the Department of Product Design at Tainan University of Technology. They exhibited at YODEX in Taipei earlier this year and won the Young Pin Design Award in the social design category. Watch their video to learn more about ‘See the Ocean Smile’ and how they plan to change our world for the better.