HP Pavilion All-in-One Desktop

The new HP Pavilion 32-inch All-in-One design is meant to seamlessly blend into the modern home. The HP Pavilion All-in-One is focused on home entertainment and work. A privacy-focused pop-up webcam is integrated into the main housing for a sleek look, wireless audio streaming from the phone replaces the need for a separate audio speaker, and the stand features wireless charging, so you can charge your phone while watching a movie – without hunting in the dark for a charge cable.

Elite Dragonfly Folio 3:2

• The Elite Folio is both familiar and unique at the same time. It resembles a standard clamshell laptop, but look closer and you find that the screen pulls forward to bring it closer for touch and pen interaction. Or lay it completely flat for a true tablet experience using the wirelessly charged, magnetically attached pen that is right there above the keyboard. The device enables the hybrid work model where it can be connected to an external display for ultimate collaboration in any usage mode

HP Presence

The HP Presence is a small, lightweight video conferencing solution that can be installed in and adapted to conference rooms of any size. Microphones, camera lenses, speakers, and other equipment can be added to accommodate the size of the audience so that everyone can become an active participant.

HP Elite x360 c1030 G2 Chromebook

HP Elite x360 c1030 G2 Chromebook is a high performance machine, equipped with faster processors and more computing resources than chrome books are normally given. HP Design intentionally made a Chromebook that gives all the benefits of Chrome OS, with all the power a professional user needs for productivity.

HP 11 Tablet PC

• The HP 11-inch tablet PC is the next revolution in the X2 detachable tablet category, designed for your on-the-go lifestyle. With an aluminum chassis, beautiful display, and AI-enabled camera to help you look your best, the tablet is optimized for video calls, one-handed typing, and inking to express your most creative self.

ZTE Axon 40 Ultra

The ZTE Axon 40 Ultra is a high-end flagship phone that combines the latest under-screen camera technology, multi-primary fusion computing photography, and top flagship performance, all in one. Axon 40 Ultra leads the two core innovation areas of full-screen and computational photography with a more trendy and user-friendly screen and more high-powered, multi-primary computational photography that is more in line with user expectations.

HP Z2 G9 Mini Workstation Desktop PC

The HP Z2 Mini is a miniature workstation that is extremely versatile, capable of managing the demands of professionals working on 3D modeling, specialized applications, and heavy productivity tasks.
Incredibly high performance packed into an insanely petite PC. It’s the perfect choice for the modern workplace—at home or the office.

HP Spectre x360 13.5

• HP Spectre x360 13.5 replaces the need for a desktop, as an ultra-portable, powerful convertible with a portable 13-inch screen. Thin and light with an all-day battery and always-on LTE, the 3-in-1 machine gives you the freedom to work from anywhere with consistent visuals, audio, and connectivity, but without interruption.

Huion Inspiroy 2

Huion Inspiroy 2 is a series of graphics tablets including 3 new models, targeting elementary creative workers. Featuring a Scroller, 3 Groups Keys, and 8 programmable press keys, the Inspiroy 2 pen tablet will greatly improve drawing efficiency. Therefore the tablet can be widely used in illustration, graphic design, industrial design, image editing, game production, etc. Moreover, with a slim body, the tablet is portable enough to be carried around for outdoor creation.

Huion Note

Equipped with specially designed software, Huion Note is a smart digital notebook created for business people and calligraphy enthusiasts.
People can write on the notepad, and the handwriting will be converted into offline digital data in Huion Note and then transferred to the software so they can get the same digitized notes without rewriting. People can also edit, revise, manage, share, or search for notes within the application, thus increasing the study and work efficiency.

True Wireless Earphones Bowie E9

half-in-ear earphones are less likely to cause ear canal diseases, and are much more suitable for long-term use, hence becoming many people’s preferred headphone choice。We therefore designed the earphones with a cavity that can be adjusted to different sizes by replacing 1/3 of the hard cavity on the traditional half-in-ear earphones, with a super comfortable soft silicone part in different size

Power Station 5 Hybrid GaN Power Bank Adaptor

When we are on trips, we usually bring plenty of electronic devices with us, thus, we have to bring a lot of chargers, cables and power banks as well, it’s awful! To solve this mess, we designed this portable energy station that integrates high-power charger, power bank, data cable into one, simplifying your charging experience, realizing ” use one to charge all”.

Baseus Power Combo Power Strip

To improve the power efficiency of your electronic devices on your desktop, we gave traditional power strips a new life, and brought the advanced GaN technology onto the desktop, using a vertical-type design to better utilizing the desktop space, and with magnetic retractable charging cable, improving your work efficiency and giving a sense of happiness in the mean time.

Baseus PowerCombo Digital PowerStrip 3AC+2U+1C 30W

This is a desktop power strip that combines a 30W 3-port charger and a 3-outlet power strip into one. It supplies power to your AC/DC devices. This 30W power strip features the 5th-Gen GaN technology, BSCR (Baseus Silicon Controlled Rectifier), touch button and divisional cooling. Equipped with multiple safety protections, yet it is much smaller in size.