HP Chromebase 21.5 inch All-in-One Desktop

The HP Chromebase All-in-One is HP’s vision of what an affordable, convenient home computer can be. Designed for multiple users, to be placed in a communal location, it blurs the Iines between smart speaker, sit-down computer, and voice computing. It is able to respond to voice commands from across the room, and the display rotates from landscape to portrait, for split screen and easy typing or viewing of long recipes and web pages. The fabric is made from recycled water bottles from Taiwan.


GO:LIVECAST elevates the grade of live streaming into next level. We reconstructed and optimized to the smartphones the technologies and know-how we cultivated over many years through designing professional video mixers and audio devices in this industry.

ProArt Studiobook 16/ Pro16

ProArt Studiobook 16/ Pro 16 is the world’s first creator mobile workstation to employ a physical dial design. With ASUS Dial and an intuitive UI, it’s designed to enable seamless creative control. Along with powerful specs and ultraportable weight, it evolves the user experience to enable incredibly efficient workflows.

Uslim Series

Uslim Series is an ultra light and slim HD LED display, which is ideal for indoor applications.The display series offers a high degree of flexibility due to its hidden hinged back cover, and a dual maintenance methods with front and rear greatly ensure convenient operability.A geometric modeling element “rounded rectangle” is used in the design of Uslim panels, combined with the color stitching process to show a particular artistic aesthetic.

GV30 Smart Portable LED Projector

GV30 is specially designed for the cord-cutters who love audio and video, and enjoy streaming media content anytime, anywhere. In order to facilitate the enjoyment of audio and video content, GV30 provides a magnetic adjustment base, which can quickly switch the screen position by rotating the body.


This Cooking Master is used for fast and efficient cooking, which can replace other cooking tools in the kitchen.In the cooking process, light oil and less smoke can reduce the impact of kitchen lampblack on users and the environment, and promote the life concept of nutrition and health.

ZenZhou Beeswax Wrap Specially Designed Series

“ZenZhou Beeswax Wrap Specially Designed Series” was made to replace plastic wrap. Handmade with soft organic cotton, and naturally anti-bacterial beeswax, it retains moisture for wrapping vegetables, keeps leftovers fresh, and reusable. “ZenZhou Beeswax Wrap Specially Designed Series” has been selected as a collection of Red Dot Design Museum Xiamen.


Part of the K11 Art Mall membership program, Uth KLUB is created for the Gen Z population to provide exclusive art, cultural and career development experiences. Spotlighting individuality and identity, a series of six personalities were conceived. The Foodie, The Fashionista, The Intellect, The Aesthete, The Athlete and The Techie are experiential embodiments of the K11 Art Mall. The illustrations are collaged into a set of digital card faces members can personalise on the K11 Mobile App.

Myths of the Islands(LP)

We were born on an island, the island has its old memories, the genesis, the flood, sun shooting… the memories that are deep in the islanders’ minds, gods coexisting with spirits, beasts familiarizing with humans, oceans bringing life and prosperity, the land giving birth to flesh and flowers. The intertwining stories that became the history of the island, passed down generations by generations, are the songs that cannot be forgotten.

SKINeed Packing Of Products

We wish to reduce waste with the design, via the easily unwrapped package to help customers simplify the unpackaging process, in addition to make recycling easier to be done. The design is for customers to enjoy the simplicity with high quality, as well as helping with environmental protection.