HP Spectre x360 16

HP Spectre x360 16 is a small 16″ convertible laptop. Small and 16″ are words that do not usually go together. Users want a premium machine that’s light and powerful. The CNC-machined all metal chassis is a premium finish and feels comfortable in the hand.HP is committed to responsible, sustainable manufacturing. Spectre x360 16 is made from 75% reclaimed aluminum, reclaimed plastics, ocean-bound plastics, and the keyboard scissors are made from organic, renewable material.


IQUI is a 360-degree camera in a sleek and sophisticated design. A proprietary four-lens optical system enables it to be ultra-slim and pen-shaped. Using the IQUISPIN smartphone app, users can easily pair with the IQUI, and can automatically edit 360 images, with using its proprietary algorithm. Combining together, it offers new visual experience and visual communication, as a new platform.

HP Chromebase 21.5 inch All-in-One Desktop

The HP Chromebase All-in-One is HP’s vision of what an affordable, convenient home computer can be. Designed for multiple users, to be placed in a communal location, it blurs the Iines between smart speaker, sit-down computer, and voice computing. It is able to respond to voice commands from across the room, and the display rotates from landscape to portrait, for split screen and easy typing or viewing of long recipes and web pages. The fabric is made from recycled water bottles from Taiwan.

Plezmo : STEAM based education platform for children to‘Learn through Play’

Plezmo is an open-ended platform that allows children to imagine and create stories as good as their imagination. It consists of intelligent wireless devices, story kit and easy use coding app to learn, play and innovate with technology. Plezmo elements are intelligent sensors, actuators with unique ability. Plezmo elements attach to toys, Lego, craft projects, science projects or anything else. Plezmo app enables to program them through simple graphical coding to bring new ideas to life.


GO:LIVECAST elevates the grade of live streaming into next level. We reconstructed and optimized to the smartphones the technologies and know-how we cultivated over many years through designing professional video mixers and audio devices in this industry.

ASUS ExpertBook B5

ASUS ExpertBook B5 features an innovative lightweight design and powerful performance. It’s exceedingly light and portable, with a slim body profile of only 16.9 mm and a weight of only 1 kg. B5 offers a standard model as well as 360° flip touchscreen model to suit a variety of usage scenarios. It features a camera shield for privacy and a fingerprint sensor on the power key to make secure login easier than ever before.

ProArt Studiobook 16/ Pro16

ProArt Studiobook 16/ Pro 16 is the world’s first creator mobile workstation to employ a physical dial design. With ASUS Dial and an intuitive UI, it’s designed to enable seamless creative control. Along with powerful specs and ultraportable weight, it evolves the user experience to enable incredibly efficient workflows.


MAGNETO is a laptop equipped with two 13.3-inch touch screen monitors as well as a magnetic sliding keyboard. It can be easily switched among five operating modes based on the usage scenario: Laptop mode, Assistant mode, Dual Screen mode, AIO mode and Tablet mode. The magnetic sliding keyboard design allows it to be moved up and down freely on the second screen, enabling multi window communication while watching different contents simultaneously. MAGNETO laptop with most user friendly operation.

ZenBook Duo / Pro Duo (UX482 / UX582)

Based on feedback from 10,000 users of the previous ZenBook Pro Duo, we decided to tilt the second screen moderately. In addition, we shortened the distance between the dual screens. These two slight design changes can reduce reflection, which improves the user experience.

Ultra-durable-strength fast charging cable

The unique lightning-shaped incision design provides the support to increase the left and right bending range of the body, effectively reducing and absorbing the damage from twisting during normal use. The body is made with a high-strength PET woven, which is super wear-resistant and not easy to knot or twist. It has passed a 30,000 bend test and Apple MFi certification.

ROG Zephyrus S17 (GX703)

The ROG Zephyrus S17 (GX703) is a performance-focused 17” gaming laptop that delivers premium features and performance in a slim form factor. The responsive optical mechanical keyboard lifts up to improve typing ergonomics and cooling performance, and a programmable wheel gives users extra control. A choice of 17” wide gamut displays with ultra-thin provides an immersive experience, while a 6-speaker array boasts force-canceling woofers and Dolby Atmos certification.

Full Duplex Streaming Digital Wireless Microphone System

Innovative transformer-style design, transmitter, receiver and charger can merge for charging, storage and carrying. Every time you run this system, it’s ready at full capacity. Pioneer of the application of noise filter on the receiver to eliminate the surrounding noise indoor and outdoor. This system provides quality sound recording for mobile streaming, remote education and video conferencing.

Zenbook 14X

Zenbook UX5400/UM5401 offers excellent user experiences through smart design and engineering. Its ErgoLift hinge lifts the keyboard to a comfortable position for typing while also enhancing audio performance and cooling. The hinge also allows the lid to be opened to a full 180°, increasing flexibility. In addition, Zenbook UX5400/UM5401 is equipped with a full edge-to-edge keyboard to enhance usability.

Innergie C6 Duo USB-C Power Adapter

More power, less fumble. Innergie C6 Duo is an intelligent USB-C Power adapter with exclusive dual-port USB-PD free charging technology, allowing you to fast charge two devices freely through any port at the same time. With a seamless and concise body, built-in InnerShield™ safety protection and GreenSense™ energy-saving technology, foldable or patented two-way locking interchangeable plugs, it can solve your charging needs once and for all.

Thinkk & SHOOT digital camera

The design concept goes beyond the restrictions and the competing of traditional digital cameras’ “specification-oriented” focus; instead, it combines Taiwan’s advantages in electron optics, and Thailand’s craft designs to create the idea of “a camera no one has ever seen before”. Tai-Thai’s collaboration broke through the natural material restrictions for camera exteriors, and demonstrates how much value we place on humanities and environmental care, whilst also giving users a unique experience