Tea-Picking Tune Album

A man’s courting a woman is like climbing a huge mountain, but a woman’s courting a man is just a piece of cake. The flower layers and deconstructing the polygonal ornament are used to represent mountains and the gauze respectively. After opening it, you can see orbicular sky, rectangular earth and a pair of ladybirds, meaning that an ideal relationship needs the right place, the right time and the right person.

The Pantry

One product, three selling types. The series use black and white with different texture of papers to do variations, and use gilding technique and distinctive colors to increase the quality. The six pieces version’s wrapping paper could be changed among different seasons of activities. Besides, consumers would get one bamboo spoon as a foil gift.

cercle moon cake

1. Circle represents a symbol of fate, love, infinite link, and memories.
And as a sincere heart forever tied together.

HUI ARTS gift package design

Blends together the four elements of writing, objects, ceramics, and landscapes, the unique package design uses local materials and embodies the diverse landscape and rich culture of Hui Arts.


For rice cakes made in the shape of a fish, the packaging is designed with fish as the main visual focus.

Prayer Pens Gift Box

The “Happiness, Prosperity, Longevity and Joy” four oriental colors are applied to serialize the packaging, which visualize the implications of “Happiness, Prosperity, Longevity and Joy”

Mu-Ran Natural Product

The brand’s appeal of the Mu-Ran Natural Product range is based on the pursuit of natural, regimen, health-conscious concept which is burden-free for human bodies.

Taiwan Lishan Tea

The unique rhyme of thinking and respect for nature by the advantages of breeze, humid, and mist are derived from the surrounding of the virgin forest of Taiwan Lishan tea.