POSTER OF of 2014 TDC annual exhibition in Taiwan

ken-tsai lee is the local repreesentative of Type directors club NY, he is not curated TDC annual exhibition in Taiwan, he slao designed the identity for the exhibition. In order to homage to Japanese design master-Ikko Tanaka, who was the first designer conbined with traditional chinese characters with modern design together.

babatata Brand Identity Design

babatata Sweet Potatoes emphasize food safety certification, professional agricultural brand to make market segmentation. delicate,simple design is toward the young, international brand development. The sweet potato have many nutrition, we transfer it to convenient necessity nutritional supplements, shaping connotation and energetic.

Plowland Brand Identity Design

We dedicated to simplify for the max effect. For packing safety and nice taste, we design two kinds of wrapper. One is brown which is isolated with pure and natural farmer style, another is green which is the symbol of fresh vegetable.

LUXGEN M7 TURBO “ The Greatest Common Divisor of Love”

The buyers of the MPV, which are about 40 years old, they are at a life stage when their parents are enjoying their hard earned retirement. But at the same time, their children are still growing up and require lots of attention. “The Greatest Common Divisor of Love” is the creative concept of the only domestically produced Large MPV, LUXGEN M7 TURBO. We try to remind our consumer about the most precious moments in our lives is the moment fill with love.

LUXGEN U6 TURBO Love Never Ends Music Video

LUXGEN U6 TURBO, the New Generation SUV has established itself with an innovative Positioning “For you, For all, For family” to get rid of the old, for men only stereotype. “Beautiful, Cool, Fantastic, Popular, Innovative and Bravo”, six simple and eye-catching key words not only successfully manifest the glamor of New Generation SUV but fulfill various need for ALL consumers in different markets. Every driver can develop various relationships with U6 TURBO and find its own impressive scenarios of driving. When you face difficulties, U6 TURBO WILL ALWAYS BE THERE to start a day with endless passion.

Not Just Library Visual Identity

A design library disseminates design books. The logotype is easily recognized through its textual shapes, as well as its abstract representation of stacked books. The color scheme appears free and unrestrained, but has a predetermined logic.

Kuan Mei – MOTO DM

With “Fashion K18” series of KMAX as foundation, the advertisement is made into an action bag in proper ratio to a motorcycle. The bag and the information inside are intended to be taken away by the visitors in the exhibition.

Film of TeaParty

“Tea” and “Party” seems to be a conflict of eastern and western ideals. By inviting cross-industry experts to interpret tea appreciation with their unique design talents, Tea Party extends its perspectives to dancing, theatre music, product design, furniture design, costume design, and textile design.

Voshas Brand Identity

The word “VOSHAS” comes from two words, “Vogue” and “Ushas”. Ushas, Sanskrit for “dawn”, is the goddess of fashion and beauty. Combining simple and elegant typography with the signature Mediterranean blue and mythological figures of god and goddess, the logo of VOSHAS represents the modern and elegant personality of VOSHAS brand.

Transform Design Issue No.1

At Transform Design, we create our own work with a free-spirited mindset focused on breaking ground. By replacing conventional editorial habits with experimentation and exploration, we were able to find our unique voice with which we present our work.

Transform Design Brand Identity

From a summer trip, the founder were inspired by the impact and influence from all around; it aroused our hidden passion and the desire of change. Thus we began the preparation. Finally, Transform Design was established in 2011.

Website Design of TeaParty

Exp helped design the activity image sites. Presented on the page, using a formula to simplify the overall layout, enabling visitors to read easily. In the design, layout presents both horizontal & vertical flow, in line with the needs of today’s tablet use. In terms of active propaganda push, this time we have also added “Voice Download” section, so that the public can receive more multivariate marketing.