HOUSE / (The Diagonal House)

An 18-meter-long diagonal light strip cuts across a 20-meter-long and 6 meters wide plan.A 15-degree angle creates a new arrangement for the space, and the surplus angle created by the existing vertical and horizontal system forms a corner where families share sunlight, air and emotions.

Light and Dark

If black represents the unknown and chaos,light gives our lives expression and rea-son. Our endless search for happiness can finally find meaning with one’s home. A home can provide comfort and security, and give meaning to our lives.

A Futuristic cavern

Influenced by survival camps from apocalyptic fiction, the space fuses natural and urban imagery. Using the cave as a main concept, natural and contemporary elements express the coexistence of organic and inorganic materials, like ancient inscriptions on stone walls.
This futuristic cave-like living space strikes a balance between civility and nature, with low-key design that hints at human insignificance.

75 degree White

The interior of this design contains 75% white space. The use of different materials creates a simple but sophisticated design. Additionally, using gray floors and black furniture emphasizes the overall visual effect, as well as the purity and flawlessness of white. White color purifies the indoor environment and shows pure beauty.


In this case, we tore down and restructured the original wall of the old-fashioned apartment building. The old washroom was dismantled and moved somewhere else so that natural dynamic lines could be created in the entrance window when the sliding door of the washroom was opened. The kitchen island, the central framework, fitted in with the space, forms an extended and continuous working platform while outlining the well-proportioned profile.

Undulating Hills

Located in Taichung Shuinan Economic and Trade Park, the project is surrounded by lush greenery scenery and situated in the central part of the city’s green belt. Taichung Green Museumbrary is designed by a Japanese design team led by the contemporary architect, Kazuyo Mishima. It is a salubrious area in Central Taiwan with convenient access to surrounds and a stone’s throw away from all amenities.

Satya Triangle.

The floating entrance, like stepping on a landing craft, adds interest to the experimental spirit of the wilderness classroom on the second floor. Going up the stairs and the window wall, you enter an open classroom floor with high and mountain-shaped windows.
The other entrance is a relatively closed self-living area, with an indoor space without partitions, which maintains the gravitational growth and decline of family members.

The Sky Collector

The project explores the relationship between the residents and nature. Followed by the concept of “less is more”, this project design ensures there is a minimalist canvas that the occupants can add to and reflect their own personality and lifestyle. Taking what was originally a dark, narrow, and oppressive old apartment, by opening up the space, reorganizing the floor plan and layout, it enlarges the scale of the space and broadens the view.

Blue Bay

The homeowners whose business and leisure are closely related to the ocean, our design started with the sea, the clad feeling of the organic wall symbol of reef shore to create a bay-like sense of space, and the natural texture of the ground is the dunes on the seabed.
In this case, the bay elements transformed into rattan, logs, and soil, using simple and primitive materials with coral-like pottery to feel the beauty of the quiet space.

Home, Gallery

No matter what the weather outside is like, you can always immerse yourself in the artistic beauty of your home.

Emphatic Serenity

The living room has ample space and streamlined form. A curve wall defines the entrance and a cluster of pocket spaces as small patios. Furniture divides the living room space into a large lighted area and cookware on the side. Paralleled to the circulation is a long wall that leads to the private space with a curved wall at the end and smooths out the separated rooms. At the end of the corridor, the curve patio echoes the curve, with three curve walls that serve as the turnaround of circulation

Wild House

The concept of the overall design is based on the impression of “mountain”, making the space and activities grow organically like the free spreading nature of trees.
Taking advantage of the various offset levels of floor heights and vertical extension of the space, we created an interior spatial experience reflective of mountain climbing, where the scenery changes with each turn and corner, thereby changing the mood as you travel through the interior space.


About the ritual sense of reading” The owner of this case is a couple who likes to read in daily life.
Facing the L-shaped public area, we use the ceilings as thin as pages to stack each other to extend the space, while the corridor leaves open bookshelf space, and the continuous gray wall introduces light and shadow, so that the aisle is no longer a simple passage but a leading reading experience.

The Relaxation in Art

The space was expected to meet demands for working and living simultaneously; therefore, area and material divisions and functionality are specially arranged. The space is planned with an open-end method while applying the classic black color as the main concept; meanwhile, white and grey tones are infused into the interior to create a simple and steady aesthetic through transparent lighting.