Shanghai Grand Theatre

QIU shifted the perspective from ‘outlining the architecture’ to ‘expressing the role of being a culture platform’. Taking from the architecture concept, the identity is a simple and bold graphic to reflect the sky and land. With gradient effect, to mimic cultural influence grounded into this city. It is used as a bridge to the inside theater world and across various scenes, while the stage performance is always the core content to touch people’s hearts.

Shenzhen E-sports Association

The brand image is extended in the style system of the entire visual image around SEA (water attribute, both virtual and real, which is similar to the charm and enjoyment that e-sports brings to people’s virtual and real experience), expressing that e-sports is as dynamic as the sea, Passion, turbulence, and the eSports Association’s concept of tolerance and fairness.


This is the debut of Z WAVE since its establishment. Before that, Z WAVE was out of the sight of the public. We hope that we could express our designing status through a relaxed and humorous approach, so greeting becomes the choice for us. Being simple and popular, it removes the communication barrier and enables us to contact with the public quickly, generate common recognition and lay a foundation for the further understanding.

Enjoy the Night

We reflected on how to use the simplest and most representative elements of that area to design the key visual for the event. When we returned back to the area itself, we came up with the idea of a topography (park plan), capturing parts of the park area from the map and abstracting them to form the main element of the poster, with different parts of the map forming various visual forms.

Pinghu Economic Development Zone Kindergarten

The kindergarten uses the cherry blossom as its school flower, so we used the cherry blossom as the kindergarten logo and we made the logo come alive, making boring graphics more vivid for kids. The most interesting structure of the cherry blossom is the gap in the middle of the petals, and we transformed this feature into a unique identification symbol in the visual design.

Technical City – visual identity system

“Steps by steps, parts by parts, built from the ground.”
Brand identity system for a local construction contractor, taken from the initial “T” of technical city, also symbolizes the rebars used behind every construction structure, by stacking up the T parts to form every concrete structure. The module system also allows the identity to stack up to different information sections, as the same way construction was built and provides flexible expansion for future usage.

RE:RISO Naughty Roll Featured Works Exhibiton

The overall visual focuses on showing more different creativity and visual explosiveness brought out by the collision among graphic design works in different styles and “instability” of Risograph. The font, the selection and design of which also aim at highlighting the printing effect, dots, overprint and imperfect nature of Risograph printing, jumps flexibly and dynamically over the whole trailer to express the flexible application and unique aesthetic features of Risograph printing.


The design inspiration of the main vision of Macao Design Week 2021 is originated from the “night” and “light” of Macao. 26 letters are specially created to radiate with different forms, structures and colors at night. They are not specifically defined since it stands for not only each designing power in Macao but also all industries in the city. Each of them should have its own unique and dazzling light. shows the infinite explosive force of Macao design in the future.


The main visual extracts the curvilinear outline from the English word VVG, which narrows the relationship with the parent brand. Combined with the architectural structure of the building, the halo effect is added, so that the faint and warm light shines from the cave, as if to guide the direction of the visitor. Inspired by the various characters in the building, the illustrations are presented in scenario images and individual object graphics.

JinLong Black Bean Sauce

Jinlong black bean sauce was founded in 1970, as an artisanal shop that specializes in black bean sauce.

“Retro, Taiwanese, Elegant”

The use of red and green creates a punchy Taiwanese aesthetic in the familiar good old times the brand embodies. The classic yet contemporary branding design shows that Jinlong black bean sauce has been and will be with every street food eatery and family from the past and well into the future.

Taitung Mambo Project

The establishment of the Taitung Design Center aligns with the policy of “slow” economy and centers around the imaginations of the “slow” beauty of Taitung. The “Taitung Mambo” project was proposed in May 2021 and alludes to the tribal imagery of people gathering and chatting around fires in Eastern Taiwan. By integrating imaginations of the mountains, sea, and natural surroundings of Taitung, a series of vision and products were released, manifesting the slow ease of Taitung through design.


COFFEE FOR RAWMANCE,this design concepts to support the entire brand’s visual language.Coffee crops grow up in the wilderness around the world,after cultivating,harvesting,processing into green coffee beans.Each sack of green coffee bean though transportation arrives at their destination,and has AOKKA shipping labels and unique sealing rope.We design and use them into exclusive AOKKA’s visual language,also for brand packaging system.


The brand image of Breadrocks is more an expression of its owner’s personal characteristics. The main identification element is to express the handmade texture of European-style bread with light retro serif fonts inspired by the decomposed sound length and current sound from rock metal musical instruments’ oscillating; the auxiliary identification graphic consisting of rock gestures and eye elements is fanatical while demonstrating Zen spirit, which jointly conveys the unique visual charm of Bre


Under the theme of “Symbol of the City”, the annual exhibition FEEEL MACAU 2021 organized by Macau Poster Design Association this year consists of three exhibition Spaces: “Discover”, “think” and “experience”.

PAUSE – Chan Po Fung’s Metalsmith Solo Exhibition

“PAUSE” is the first solo exhibition of Chan Po Fung, he used 3 metalsmith artworks to link the exhibition, by documenting the sound and city, and to further explore the heritage of craftsmanship.

We have decided to use “Pause Button” to be the main element of key visual, the modern outlines of button got match with artist’s artwork. Also, we have picked to use metallic colour printings for the design items, in order to have a stronger metalsmith vibe.