Provocative Futures II: Speculation, Medical Science, Human Body and Gender

The exhibition continues research with regard to this context further developing the intricate relationship between medical technology, the human body, and art/design. Selected six works by students to be showcased together, to present the results of their curatorial research and teachings. At the same time, provide the audience with the opportunity to understand the thought process of a new generation of artists and designers in Taiwan and the reflection of their era.

Thousand-Armed Lightsaber

The theme of this design is the performance of AI. The design team with a forward-thinking balance between technology and humanity to create a magnificent performance of the ” robotic arm “. With precise lighting, movements, sounds, and color transformations, the design team achieved an unprecedented performance through the language of AI.

Reflection of Rivers

《Reflection of Rivers》 brings out the ecological sustainability of Taiwan rivers, starting with ripple light to the magnificent upstream images and the river system legends. The immersive projection envelops visitors in the reflecting rivers, and the interactive palettes make visitors comprehend the emotions and injuries of the rivers. Finally, with the guided stories and Chi Po-lin’s memorial light wall, we can see lives changing like rives, making the boundless expansiveness flow eternally.

‘Beneath Taiwan, Beyond Dive’ The First Taiwan Underwater Exhibition in Hong Kong

‘Beneath Taiwan, Beyond Dive’ The First Taiwan Underwater Exhibition in Hong Kong was held under the swimming pool. Participants dived down to have an exceptional exhibition experience and have a taste of ‘Underwater Getaway’, exploring the beauty of marine world in Taiwan. The pool was decorated with huge photographs taken by renowned photographers, plenty life size images of turtles, underwater mailbox, macro organisms models etc. Taiwan famous dive sites were recreated underwater.


It is the first exhibition to record Mandarin pop music in Taiwan, which tells the century-old story of pop music with “time scenes” and “story themes”.
To bring the audience an immersive experience, it used automated audio guide equipment, RFID technology, five-sided projection, and AR devices. Besides, people can appreciate the digital collection exhibits collected from the exhibition after going home.

“BRUTAL! – Unknown Brutalism Architecture in Hong Kong” Architecture History Research and Exhibition

“BRUTAL! – Unknown Brutalism Architecture in Hong Kong” is a survey and exhibition on local post-war architectural history. The research team spent a year, to list 100 buildings similar to “Brutalist style”. It was then assessed and screened against the RIBA definition of “Brutalism”. Finally, 15 typical examples were identified as the research focus. The exhibition attracted about 2,000 public visitors. 15 media also made extensive reports on the exhibition.

Hengchun Peninsula World Music Festival

Pingtung County Government chose Hengchun, a century-old town, as a base to kick start new possibilities for the local folk music, the Hearhere World Music Festival. There are five main concepts in the festival presenting the unique cultural values: folk music singing contest, folk fusion, world music, theater play and sound design. Musicians and local performers work together to bring new interpretations to traditional folk songs. This local festival is opening its door to the world music.


Chiayi is a city surrounded by natural forests and railways. Taiwan Bamboo Society expects to build landscape constructions, that echo local culture and texture. Curation by AS Studio and works by six groups of emerging architects show the various properties of bamboo. Not only seek for intervention of new prototypes and constructions but also explore for creations of natural material-bamboo. And achieve versatile possibilities with structural mechanics.

Fuju Kao Peng/GLAb Curation Series

GLAb has transformed a refurbished historical building into a venue for cross-domain curatorial platforms. Inside, themed curations highlight Taichung’s unqiue businesses and central Taiwan’s industries. This plan transforms a historical site into a venue where “a relationship among old and new” between urban residents and their surroundings can be discovered and experienced.

Hsiu’s moving school

To further the public’s understanding of Hsiu’s architecture and the historic significance of her educational works, this project is designed as a moving exhibition which can be adapted to any school it travels to. Resembling an architect’s briefcase, travelling as Hsiu did to various sites across Taiwan to design, the enlarged briefcase opens up to display documents of Hsiu’s schools, their distinct architectural characteristics and embellishments.

Renew Yeh Shyr-Tau Literary Memorial Museum

The Yeh Shyr-Tau literary memorial museum (former forestry affairs office) opened in 2012 as Taiwan’s first important writer memorial hall. In this nearly 100-year-old building, they try to unite literature with emotional elements to create a literary compound space suitable for modern use and bring to life the emotional atmosphere of the writer’s words through the five senses.


Rooted in the perspective of educational design, this exhibition presents how textbooks “inspire children to learn, foster diverse aesthetic experiences, and help improve the quality of education through design”. Deep analyses of diverse textbooks are shown on-site, and with the help of reflective questions, visitors are prompted to “resonate, see change, and imagine possibilities”.

Chiayi City: Another Way of Living, Taiwan Design Expo’21

Distilling Chiayi’s “simple-perfect” urban character, this exhibition, which is curated with ingenious editorial thinking, brings out the charming living style of this small city from three perspectives: speed, time/age, and scale. By inviting designers and creators with deep ties to Chiayi to participate in the creation, the exhibition leads visitors to understand Chiayi both rationally and emotionally and further rethink what an ideal life looks like.