2020 Creative Expo Taoyuan ——RUNNING TAOYUAN

The 2020 Creative Expo Taoyuan Running Taoyuan, rooted in the spirit of “Places On The Move,” the exhibition includes cultural display “Running Taoyuan,” which digs into the hidden charm and value of Taoyuan; themed display “Fruiting Taoyuan,” which experiments with integrating design with Taoyuan industries; and “Taoyuan Forest,” which combines display and sales with local stories. Collectively, the curation presents an innovative portrayal of Taoyuan, showcasing unanticipated local charisma.

Behind the Collections – The Reveal of Taiwan Craft

Collectively, the works selected for this exhibition convey a perspective that transcends time period and material type, portraying the unique natural environment, historical development, and versatile culture through the exhibition themes of life and industry, social culture, and craftsmen’s philosophies, aiming to construct a spectrum of Taiwan craft.


With 65 works from seven countries, “2021 LIGHT COMING” arts festival illuminates Hsinchu City’s streets and blocks, through old town historic sites and art and technology presenting its various cultures and characteristics.

2020 Digiwave: CeiltoInt()

2020 DigiWave CeilToInt(), which is a celebration focused on technology. Technology”, in all its aspects, has always been something the team paid a lot of attention to.

2020 TAIPOWER Cultural Heritage – LIGHTUP

How does electricity work? The exhibition displays the visualization of the untouchable and unseeable transmission and divides it into three stages, which include pressing the starting button, depicting the engineering of electricity transmission that combines human intelligence and the power of nature, and the application of the intelligent electrified wire fence in the future.

2020 Open House Taipei

The first Open House Taipei opens 73 tiny to vast spaces in both public and private sectors to grant the public an access to the secrets behind city construction and allow them to become helpers in city development.