Public Health Center Re-design

The project(PHCRd) built a benchmark demo design at 2 different public health centers through the introduction of service design pilot study, forming interdisciplinary design teams and inviting stakeholders to join the co-creation process. The project used systematic and modular as its major design principle and he goal of PHCRd is to “create a consistent and reassuring public health venue.” PHCRd also proposed a guidebook that can be duplicated at other public health centers in Taiwan.


One-Forty Book&Host Program is for the whole migrant workers’ education in Taiwan. By delivering exclusive Mandarin learning materials, we hope that new workers who just arrived at Taiwan would be able to obtain free materials and online learning resources, as well as studying Mandarin in an easier way and deeply understanding Taiwan’s culture.

The OLD School: #AgeRready through design

The OLD School (學老社): #AgeRready through design is a public engagement design concept for enabling people of all ages to be inspired by what it means to get OLD and share the knowledge of “Ageing “ with each other.
Enable Foundation team co-created into four sets of OLD Drills installation with London-based designer and artist Pascal Anson since March 2019, aimed at encouraging citizens to experience and participate in how it feels “ getting old “.