ZenZhou Water-Storing Seedling Pot

ZenZhou Water-Storing Seedling Pot has obtained two patents in Taiwan. It’s made of recycled paper and biodegradable materials. It has a string-drip irrigation design to transport water to the roots, improving sapling survival rate up to 70% and growth rate 2 to 3 times faster. The pot provides functions of rainwater-storing and sapling protection for about a year, then it will be broken down by microorganisms, fertilizing the soil and nurtures grown-up saplings to protect our homestead.


Every year, Thailand has plenty of waste plastic water bottle more than 4,000 million and most of them end up in landfill and ocean. Less than 20% sent to recycle. Many people don’t know how important of recycling plastic. Recycling plastic water bottles help reducing greenhouse gas emissions, helps decreasing the amount of pollution in the air and water sources. Many landfill facilities will incinerate plastic bottles to save waste, which can emit toxic pollutants or irritants into the air.