Music Out of the Box – An open source music teaching aid for kids

What would music education look like if it could break away from the current framework?
Using the concept of copyright-free open source as the design goal. We integrate computer science, art, and music curriculums using easily accessible materials and easy-to-make components. Designing a set of music teaching aids that can be accessed, made and used by anyone.


This insect rearing unit is not just for food waste reduction but also for life education.
The design is innovating the traditional methods of raising the decomposing insect, the black soldier fly. By utilizing space with their growth patterns and designing pathways optimizing their pupation behavior, we can fit this device in educational environments such as junior high schools and elementary schools, to benefit our next generation’s knowledge about these amazing creatures.

Inflatable Stretcher

” INFLATABLE STRETCHER ” is an emergency stretcher bag that integrates the various medical equipment required for the emergency rescue process. It provides sufficient equipment for the rescuer to deal with the injured part, so that the rescue process is more intuitive and systematic, and it prevents the accident caused by panic injury.
In addition, the inflatable stretcher is small and light. It can be used to rescue the wounded in various disasters such as emergency rescue and water rescue in various places, as well as to transport the wounded at homes, sports venues, and ambulances.

Stormwater Membrane System

Despite covering about 70% of the Earth’s surface, water, especially drinking water, is not as plentiful as one might think. Only 3% of it is fresh.Over one billion people lack access to water and another 2.7 billion find it scarce for at least one month of the year. A 2014 survey of the world’s 500 largest cities estimates that one in four are in a situation of “water stress”.
This project attempted to increase the amount of rainwater that can be collected during riany days by designing multiple facilities on the building facade, then through the filtration system and drainage system, people can easily get clean water for use. In this project, rainwater is collected through the water-collecting floor tiles on the ground layer, and watering operations for local plants are provided. This project can greatly reduce human consumption of fresh water resources. In addition, the design of the building facade water recycling system is also available for operating by users on all floors.

The Call Of The Forest

In my works, I give up drawing their feet and branches to express there are still crises hidden in the ecological environment, which are enough to cause them having unsafe places to stay. For this reason, I sincerely invite you to look at my work “The call of the forest”, which also has the meaning of the calling deep inside the raptors.