“Toy Bank’s” sustainability design has environmental friendliness as its core value. Using the stories of used toy donors as a circular design strategy, this project aims to recreate the life of second-hand toys by conveying the love of toys to the community through sharing and promote co-friendly concepts.

Urban W-Urban Modular Two-wheels Shared System

ITDA estimates that bicycles will account for 11% of transport miles by 2030. With the idea of reducing carbon emissions, bike-sharing has been growing gradually in the major cities and has become a new trend in urban transportation.

It has inspired us to conceive Urban W–a safe, affordable, accessible and sustainable shared two-wheeled transport system based on the trending shared bicycle and scooter systems of the future. Users will be able to choose their preferences in “Urban W Station”, ranging from bikes, scooters to various combinations of accessories, customizing the most suitable transportation.

exercise trip

Our design helps elders build their exercising habit by using the cheap, adjustable and daily products, it also helps elders to learn the concept correctly while enjoy self-training at home after attending the exercise courses offered by medical institution we cooperate.

Roaring Cosmos foldable exhibition area

The main body is a metal pipe bracket, and the wall uses Plastic Corrugated Roofing Sheet and second-hand pallets. The skeleton is a movable structure. Use the bottom pulley to adjust the size and length of different exhibition areas. Can be folded into a flat shape when storing. Building materials can be reused after being dismantled non-destructively.


PACKPAL is stationery that can be repeatedly sealing the box, made of thin aluminum sheet, can use repeatedly bent and recycled, reducing the use of plastic sealing box tape, and extending the repeated service life of cartons, and improve the convenience of users to take items from cartons many times.PACKPAL has a 90-degree bendable sign, can be written, bar code, and special electronic paper display, to assist users to do carton content marking and classification, as a need for multiple items storage management.PACKPAL’s eco-friendly 3R, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle as the core of the creation of friendly environment stationery.

Fish cycling

The relationship between the fish market and Styrofoam is inseparable. We design the fish container to be folded and reused, which is in line with the rapid upstream wholesale, mid- and downstream retail and wholesale, and then the logistics truck returns to the upstream cleaning place. Reach the mode of circular chain.


The activity of homebrewing has become more and more popular recently. However, due to its difficult principles, complex process and disorder ware. It is hard to feel the aesthetic of ancient brewing beer culture when homebrewing.