o³ chair

The idea is back-to-nature . It made of 2 nature material,wood and leather.
It doesn’t seem match between soft and solid , then the designer takes inspiration from nature , combined them ,transformed it to give comfortable,warm sensation.
The design techniques; Circular curvature used in this 3 spot supporting system , laminated wood bending into shape , covering with high quality of hand stitching leather .
The appearance is three O connected, expressing the meaning “the circle of life” .

zemadrezadrezadr – Love that shine as light

The glaze is the brainchild of life and affection in Paiwan tribe’s culture. We chose the love myth “Peacock Prince” to be the theme of our wedding jewelry. The glazed beads used in the jewelry were chosen according to the characters’ status. Combined with traditional glaze technology and metalworking, Zemadrezadrezadr reinterprets the story of Peacock Prince, and recreates the art of Paiwanese glaze.

New Yueqin

“New Yueqin” is to transform the traditional Yueqin into a new musical instrument in the form of electroacoustic.Make the timbre of Yueqin increase and change, and it can be used from large-scale concert to personal practice.
It is hoped that Yueqin can appear in the public’s ears while retaining the tradition.

Back To Time

With the passage of time, the student career is coming to an end and will face new challenges. I increasingly feel that the innocent and simple years are valuable, and I won’t miss them any more.
With “nostalgia” and “campus” as the theme, create interactive devices and create related series of works.

Crossing lights

The three-dimensional space is created by the interaction between the one-piece skeleton and the wool. The wool is interwoven to create a variety of effects and stretched to express the vision of bamboo; it looks like bamboo but with the softness of the wool.

Repair Bamboo Charcoal

“Repair Bamboo Charcoal” is for reusing the damaged bamboo charcoal and attempting to change the form of bamboo charcoal in the home. Let the tin flow into the gaps of the bamboo charcoal pieces that re-repair and join the bamboo charcoal, but also reinforce the structural force.

Tuwn Zhan

Through the series of works to present a process from alienation to closeness, slowly wrapped in nature. Surrounded by metal from the start, the image of restraint is expressed, and as each work decreases in brass, it becomes more open and embraces nature.

Mountain’s Mind

There are many precious trees in Taiwan,especially cypress. However,timber trespass is still ongoing.Which can cause cypress trees become fewer and fewer.So I design these fabrics and hope to represent these beautiful trees.

Yang Xiu Li

Preserving the mark of time by “Xiu Li Yang” . Beginning from the aesthetics of Wabi-Sabi, recording different moments in life by raising rust spots. Accordingly, time made a unique rust industrial art work. Let’s appreciate it.
Like a soft ocean breeze, our series hope to use the sense of smell to connect our memories of the ocean with the wisdom of oyster recycling in our culture.