Categories :
Integration Design

SubCategory :
D-01 Professional curation

Applicant Company:
Taiwan Power Company , Taiwan

Manufacturer :
Taiwan Power Company , Taiwan

Design Company :
Plain Design Co., Ltd  & Midroom Design Co., Ltd , Taiwan

Designer :
Yuan,Mei-Ling , Chen, Chih-Hung , Su,Ping-Tzu , Chen,Pei , Sheu,Jer-Yu , Kuo,Chung-Yuan , Chan,Ya-Chi , Ching,An-Hui & Liu,Bacon

How does electricity work? The exhibition displays the visualization of the untouchable and unseeable transmission and divides it into three stages, which include pressing the starting button, depicting the engineering of electricity transmission that combines human intelligence and the power of nature, and the application of the intelligent electrified wire fence in the future.