Categories :
Integration Design

SubCategory :
D-01 Professional curation

Applicant Company:
Serendipity Studio , Taiwan

Manufacturer :
Cultural Affairs Bureau, Hualien , Taiwan

Design Company :
Serendipity Studio , Taiwan

Designer :
Ling-Li Tseng , Chia-Shu Wang , Yi-Ying Wei , Yu-Ting Feng , Sheng-Da Tsai , Olifa Hsieh , Temperature Studio , We Do Group & Yu-Hsuan Wang

Hualien, a place where our temporal and spatial memories unite, where legendary tales and stories, where divinity and humanity interweave. The exhibition invites visitors to become members of our archaeology team who wanders between legends and anecdotes, listening to the stories hidden in context and gaining courage from ancient times. While interacting with the exhibition, participants will write down and bring back new chapters to Hualien City, to the place where souls flourish.