Categories :
Product Design

Company / University :
National Taiwan University of Science and Technology,Taiwan

Designer :
Shih-Chen Chen, Wan-Lin Tung, Ting-Kai Chiu, Jia-Heng Liu & Jun-Yu (Andrew) Chen

An album designed for the hearing-impaired.
Thinking at the perspective of one who is hard of hearing, we devote ourselves into finding another method to present the magic of music. Through various experiments trying to make a connection between the auxiliary device and the user, we developed a way to visualize sound and give support to those who are unable to enjoy the beat and the melody through their ears, to connect them with the musical album we created.
As the music starts, a vibration caused by the speaker triggers a motor connecting to a reflection plate. A beam of laser will be reflected by the plate and focused onto hand-made acrylic discs or paper which we added fluorescent powder into their making process, thus recording a short-living waveform on it. We designed three disks with different materials to correspond to three different background tracks, trying to perfectly represent the mood and the feelings of every single tune.