Categories :
Product Design

Company / University :
Dalian University of Technology,China

Designer :
Xi Chen , Ang Gao

When people who need to get up early are awakened by the alarm clock, people who need to continue to sleep around will inevitably be affected by the alarm clock, which will damage their sleep quality. This problem has caused great trouble for many people. How to effectively awaken people while protecting people around them from the alarm clock has become the focus of our thinking.
We combined earplugs with alarm clocks to design Alarm Clock Earplug. It not only combines the functions of both but also effectively solves the problems mentioned above. After connecting the Alarm Clock Earplug to the smartphone via Bluetooth, wearing the Alarm Clock Earplug, and setting the time on the corresponding APP, users can enjoy sleep and avoid noise interference while being woken up by vibration from Alarm Clock Earplug at a predetermined time. As the ear is a very sensitive organ of the human body, the vibration that meets the requirements of waking up users is also weak, which can ensure that the people around them are not affected by it.