Categories :
Product Design

Company / University :
Shih Chien University,Taiwan

Designer :
Hsin-Ping Lee

Explore the new fabric structure, in addition to sewing the fabric, what other ways can be used to connect the fabric to form a three-dimensional garment? From the user, the manufacturer and the environment, considering the application, value and aesthetics of the new fashion.

A piece of cloth + A piece of buckle jewelry creates clothes. The tailored “piece of cloth” is fasten by “a piece of buckle jewelry”, and the fabric is squeezed in a concave-convex shape to be joint.The magnetic design is more stable and convenient. A circular print on the fabric indicates the user’s button position and is easier to operate.

A piece of cloth + different pieces of buckle jewelry creates variety styles of clothes.
The same type of cloth, with different styles of jewelry, the position and structure of the cloth and jewelry on the body changes, showing a variety forms of clothing.