Categories :
Product Design

Company / University :
Zhejiang University of Technology, China

Designer :
Tian-Yi Chen, Chao-Jie Hu, Yi-Xuan Li & Xue-Nan Zheng

The Finger-tape is a Braille correction device designed for the visually impaired. This product solves the problem that Braille writing errors are difficult to correct. Six buttons on the side of the Finger-tape allow the visually impaired person to write the correct Braille, and then press the front of the tape to reveal the correct Braille correction tape over the incorrect Braille.

Through field research, we found that the error rate of Braille writing is very high. When people use the traditional methods to correct Braille, most of them are to pick out the wrong Braille by hand, which is more difficult to correct and may even cause paper breakage. Finger-tape is a totally new solution to this problem by using a correction tape with a certain thickness to cover it. In the global context of the number of the visually impaired has reached 2.2 billion, the Braille correction products have a huge user group. What’s more, there is no Braille correction product for them in the market before the Finger-tape. The emergence of our product fills this gap.