Categories :
Product Design

Company / University :
Guilin University Of Electronic Technology,China

Designer :
Shuo-Shuo Kuang, Hai-Dong Wei & Jia-Sheng Chen

Infusion Pump is a portable infusion set for outdoor emergency use. Compared with traditional products, it is more suitable for complicated outdoor emergency environments, and it is more stable and safer. Outdoor first aid usually encounters problems such as emergency action, cold weather, and limited space situation. Traditional gravity infusion devices are difficult to cope with such a complicated emergency environment. This infusion set applies the stepper motor to control the screw to transfuse the liquid medicine stably and accurately. It has good portability and stability. It can work normally in narrow space and on the way to transport the wounded, which improves the stability and safety of the infusion. It can intelligently control the flow rate of the liquid medicine, and can stably inject special medicines for the rescue of critically ill patients. The internal graphene heating film can quickly and safely heat the liquid medicine, solving the problem of infusion in low-temperature environments such as winter, late night, rain and snow, to relieve the pain of the injured.