Categories :
Visual Communication Design

Applicant Company:
Blend Design Studio , Taiwan

Manufacturer :
 Kuan Mei Plastic CO., LTD. , Taiwan

Design Company :
Blend Design Studio , Taiwan

Designer :
Chiang Wen-cheng , Tsai Cheng Yi

With “Fashion K18” series of KMAX as foundation, the advertisement is made into an action bag in proper ratio to a motorcycle. The bag and the information inside are intended to be taken away by the visitors in the exhibition. 【Merits】 Practicality: Easy carry of information Seeing is believing: the narrations of the product printed on papers are transformed into actual model to display the functions of “storage,” “fashionable,” and “simple” of the motorcycle action bag. Displaying personality: It can be made into different versions in different colors in accordance with the motorcycle action bags. Diverse promotion: When the visitors carry the motorcycle action bags printed with the K-MAX logo walking around the exhibition hall, it can diverse the promotion effects.