Categories :
Product Design

SubCategory :
A-1 Computer and information products

Applicant Company:
Elephant Design Pvt. Ltd. , India

Manufacturer :
Gunakar Pvt. Ltd. , India

Design Company :
Elephant Design Pvt. Ltd. , India

Designer :
Girish Kulkarni Amol Palshikar Ashish Deshpande Anand Palsodkar

Plezmo is an open-ended platform that allows children to imagine and create stories as good as their imagination. It consists of intelligent wireless devices, story kit and easy use coding app to learn, play and innovate with technology. Plezmo elements are intelligent sensors, actuators with unique ability. Plezmo elements attach to toys, Lego, craft projects, science projects or anything else. Plezmo app enables to program them through simple graphical coding to bring new ideas to life.