Categories :
Product Design

Company / University :
Beijing University of Technology,China

Designer :
Qing Zhu, Xiao-Yu Wang, Shuo Cui, Yue Chen, Yu-Xin Li & Jin-Cheng Hu

In the painting process, the pigment needs to be used in conjunction with the paint box. When painting out, the traditional paint box is inconvenient to replenish pigments and carry, and it is inconvenient to arrange pigments. This design combine the pigment box with the tubular pigment. It is convenient to carry out and use it at any time. The pigment cover can be divided into two parts, the upper part is the pigment box, the lower part is the pigment cover, the pigment box can be inserted and combined as a single module, the triangular cover is not easy to disengage when unplugged.Can match according to the color and number that the user needs.