Categories :
Product Design

Company / University :
Jiangnan University, China

Designer :
Jinxuan Yang, Jieying Mo, Yue Deng & Fan Wang

OPlay is an innovative solution for asthma medication and monitoring for children. For children, symptoms like stridors, and complex treatments may affect their experience of therapy, and even self-acceptance.
It integrates the playing of musical instrument into the use of medical products, with two functions of asthma spacer and peak flow measuring. Measuring results will be uploaded to the app. OPlay makes the medicating, test, and recording a seamless procedure, and offers a possibility for children to increase adjustment frequency.
By analog with functions of musical instruments, OPlay transforms the complex process into several simple steps. When children use OPlay, it senses actions and plays corresponding melodies. Different music pieces are feed-backs in each operation stage. At the same time, the operation time is guided by light to help children do medicating and testing more happily. OPlay makes the tedious therapy a joyful recital presented by children.