Categories :
Visual Communication Design

Applicant Company:
Transform design studio , Taiwan

Manufacturer :
Transform design studio , Taiwan

Design Company :
Transform design studio , Taiwan

Designer :
Leo Huang

From a summer trip, the founder were inspired by the impact and influence from all around; it aroused our hidden passion and the desire of change. Thus we began the preparation. Finally, Transform Design was established in 2011. No ostentatiousness and unreachable ideals, but only the most up-to-date changes and creation. The studio’s name — Transform — was born based on this philosophy. We assist our clients to visualize the ending product with our passions towards graphic, and visual communication at Transform Design. We believe only keep on changing and trying can impact a better idea. Each project is unique to us; therefore, the traditional design method does not fit our expectation. High expectation is an important value of driving force to our better and diverse design. Our beliefs of the distinct and continuous up-to-date changes allow us to accomplish outstanding creations. Here we are, settling in a quiet alley in New Taipei City in order to start better changes! At Transform Design, we have a system of professional design process and unique analysis strategies, which follow the high-standard professional design procedures to fit each client’s needs and problems. It does not matter which service you are asking for, we always holds one belief: Only determine to change can bring us towards to the goal of solving problems. Transform Design provides services include: Branding , Packaging Design, Book Design, and Advertisement Marketing. We are dedicated to provide the up-to-date changes on each project for each client’s needs. Transform Design provides our creation across various industries: construction, electronic, education, fashion, design, and arts, etc. We are committed to suggest and serve our clients with diverse thinking to fit all types of projects.