Categories :
Product Design

Company / University :
Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan

Designer :
Wei-Chi Chen, Ying-Cih Shao, Shu-Qing Ou & Ching-Hsin Hsu

TUNNEL KEEPER is a high-mobility fire rescue vehicles design for the tunnel. It integrates with the fire-fighting equipment inside the tunnel and set up an emergency operations station at the entrance of the tunnel. After receiving the notification, it can be dispatched and carry out initial fire-fighting before the arrival of large fire-fighting vehicles. The unique body design, which includes side smoke exhaust device, water mist equipment and Fire Chem AFFF foam, protect the firefighter from high heat and heavy smoke caused by traffic accident. Moreover, it is designed to combine the fire hydrant in the tunnel to prevent the spread of the fire at the initial stage, as well as assist people to escape and transport the injured, reduce the casualty, and improve the accessibility of rescue.