Moses – Sensory substitution helmet for Deaf

A bicycle helmet that allows Deaf friends to “hear.” There are many safety challenges for Deaf bicyclists. This design uses the “Sound to Motion” sensory substitution to translate road information into dynamic language, making riding safer and more comfortable.


REMIX is an acoustic panel made of bagasse which is the waste of sugarcane. Fibers of REMIX make the friction force of sound waves greater to absorb the energy of sound waves; therefore, sound reflection, echo, and reverberation problems are reduced. Use modular design. It can be freely assembled to meet the requests. Improve the recording quality for sound workers.

Rhaetus-Electric folding cargo trike

The cargo bike in the market has storage space, but it is not suitable for general use because of its large size. Rhaetus’ folding front storage area design solves this problem by transforming the bike into a light carrier for use beyond a cargo bike, increasing the bike’s mobility, functionality, and usability.

Music Out of the Box – An open source music teaching aid for kids

What would music education look like if it could break away from the current framework? Using the concept of copyright-free open source as the design goal. We integrate computer science, art, and music curriculums using easily accessible materials and easy-to-make components. Designing a set of music teaching aids that can be accessed, made and used by anyone.


When a mountaineering disaster occurs, in addition to calling for help, it is also very important to do a good job of self-help measures. The use of special aluminum foil material can retain body temperature to prevent temperature loss. Personal emergency assistance is provided by combining rescue raincoats and canopy.


Lock+ is a functional hanger that is designed to meet a variety of common problems. Simply push it in/out to lock/remove it. The special cross-section provides the benefit of a wide and thick shape, making it easy to store neatly and reduce stacking volume.


Due to rapid heat elevation and spread of fire, the problem of hoses deployment is the number-one cause of firefighters who succumb to the effects of fire.
By sending drones with hoses into a fire to deploy and combining infrared thermography, Life-line can quickly find the fire source and put it out. Avoid casualties and reduce the economic loss caused by the spread of fire.


RESCALE is a packaging brand that presents a new type of recycling of discarded fish scales. It creates SC-fiber sustainable packaging materials through aquatic waste, and designs different sizes of free combinations to meet diverse needs, creating new possibilities for sustainable recycling.


The eternal night in the Arctic Circle and the small windowless indoor space in the modern city,the recurrence of darkness disorders people’s body and psychology.CURTAIN LIGHT can simulate the weather and changes in the four seasons,match the white noise corresponding to the situation,It relieves people’s depressed physical and psychological state.


We analyze the age distribution of parents who take their children abroad, the countries they often visit, the items they bring, and the problems they face during the process, and then reorganize and regroup them. We will start from the core of children’s mobility and commuting conditions to make the whole process of going abroad smoother.

o³ chair

The idea is back-to-nature . It made of 2 nature material,wood and leather.
It doesn’t seem match between soft and solid , then the designer takes inspiration from nature , combined them ,transformed it to give comfortable,warm sensation.
The design techniques; Circular curvature used in this 3 spot supporting system , laminated wood bending into shape , covering with high quality of hand stitching leather .
The appearance is three O connected, expressing the meaning “the circle of life” .


When a traffic accident occurs, in addition to the first injury, more
Accidents are the improper handling of subsequent driving, as well as theaffected by reaction time.
WARN BALLOON is when the situation occurs, the driver only needs to be seated
Simple operation on the spot, raise the balloon to remind the vehicle behind, so as to follow up
When you get off the car, you will have more protection when you place a triangle and other operations.


LightAid aims to help rescuers perform more efficient bystander CPR. By using Pascal’s law in a hydraulic system to enhance the force, rescuers can reserve more energy to perform longer effective CPR. LightAid also comes with a built-in AED to increase a patient’s survival rate.

Balance Wheelbarrow

When farmers use the wheelbarrow, the goods are often overturn due to the bumpy ground, which makes the crops harvested by farmers​ are back to square one. Therefore, the design uses a swing device to make the wheelbarrow have a buffer effect when they passing through the bumpy ground, so that the harvest more stable and smooth.


TUNNEL KEEPER is a high-mobility fire rescue vehicles design for the tunnel environment. It integrates the fire-fighting equipment inside the tunnel to improve the rescue efficiency. The unique body design which includes side smoke exhaust device, water mist equipment and CAFS system, protect the firefighter from high heat and heavy smoke caused by traffic accident. Moreover, it is designed to combine the fire hydrant in the tunnel to prevent the spread of the fire at the initial stage, as well as assist people to escape and transport the injuries, reduce the casualty, and improve the accessibility of rescue.