Moses – Sensory substitution helmet for Deaf

A bicycle helmet that allows Deaf friends to “hear.” There are many safety challenges for Deaf bicyclists. This design uses the “Sound to Motion” sensory substitution to translate road information into dynamic language, making riding safer and more comfortable.

Explore the tide

Taiwan is an island. The tide has great influence on all living creatures and human development. However, people seem to pay more attention to eating seafood than understanding and protecting the marine ecology. Thus we decide to design a tide education center which will be changed accordingly by the tide and explore marine lives by experiential learning.

zemadrezadrezadr – Love that shine as light

The glaze is the brainchild of life and affection in Paiwan tribe’s culture. We chose the love myth “Peacock Prince” to be the theme of our wedding jewelry. The glazed beads used in the jewelry were chosen according to the characters’ status. Combined with traditional glaze technology and metalworking, Zemadrezadrezadr reinterprets the story of Peacock Prince, and recreates the art of Paiwanese glaze.


Tofu has been around for thousands of years but little has changed. TOFU redesigned the packaging and shape of tofu, subverting the public’s inherent impression of tofu, making tofu more interesting and creative when it is eaten with other ingredients, breaking the square frame of tofu.

Love to death

In an abandoned city, there was a pair of zombie couples. They wanted to live a stable life like ordinary people. However, they encountered a human with a ferocious personality. In order to defend his family, the main character zombie decided to fight the enemy.

Voice in sight

When the sound cannot be fully transmitted, everything is observed and experienced with the eyes. In the design of the accessory, the sound will be converted into color fluctuations and played visually. It is expected that this special sensory feeling can be shared with the wearer.

On the Path of the Trail

Our team is holding numerous trail renovating volunteers experiences with locals in Niugangling,Zoujhen.Promoting in-depth tourism in the community.Spreading our thoughts through our creations . Making the visitors relate to protecting the mountains.Therefore joining then renovation.Inheriting the local culture memories all together.


The traditional oriental incense burning culture has caused environmental and health problems. The design of Glass Incense uses recycled glass to combine the existing aroma diffuser technic. Continuing the value of traditional culture, Minimize the pollution and health hazards, also create more possibilities in future life.

Inflatable Stretcher

When an accident occurs, the rescuer’s emotions and strains may not be able to properly rescue. The inflatable stretcher integrates ambulance supplies and fixed equipment, it is expected that when an incident occurs, it can be quickly taken in the form of a bag, and calmly follow the instructions on the stretcher to correctly rescue.


HuJing is facing the dilemma of lack of fish catches and migration of population. The tourism industry has become the economic source of the island.
Military facilities on the island’s tourism assets, and the local characteristic houses become a space for dumping and abandoning things.
Evolve in response to the new needs of people in the change of land with new landscapes

Go Up Go Down

The combination of the metal mesh and the bamboo. Using the industrialized manufacturing logic production process to make bamboo weaving process that can be infinitely spliced and enlarged. Bamboo weaving is no longer limited to the frame but can grow together with the frame.

Going Down

Curation of contemporary experiments on “sex culture”.
Using sexual texts in various cultural contexts to create a series of knowledge and exhibits about “sex culture”, hope to have a deep understanding, rather than superficial, which will be in line with contemporary new interpretations.

You Are a Fat Hamster

This is a 2d pixel art adventure game. In this game, you play as a hamster who actually was a demon, Find the losing part of demon power, Furthermore, use the power to solve the puzzles. Find out the truth that why demon became a little hamster by storytelling, discovering, and fighting.


The main thing about fighters is human nature. At the time of life and death, what decisions do people make in order to survive? The result may be cruel but not easy to criticize, and the good and evil in people’s hearts cannot be easily judged because people have their own problems.